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Power of the Pen – RWBC Top 10 Articles 2023

At the heart of the Republican Women of Baltimore County's (RWBC) commitment to the First Amendment and the right to free speech lies the Power of the Pen. Encouraging members and guest bloggers alike to contribute, the year 2023 witnessed the publication of 99 original blogs, each adding a unique voice to the diverse tapestry of ideas. These “blogs” or articles came from all different sources, from individual members to legislators wishing to spread the word. We are not exclusive; we have guest bloggers contribute as well as members from other Republican Clubs.

Enjoy the 2023 overview of the most popular blogs!

#10 The Decline of a Once Beloved Starbucks Corporation – Recently an unusual question was asked of me by the cashier at the Starbucks drive through window. I Regularly pay both with either a credit card or cash. Yet, suddenly, this cashier questioned me suspiciously as to why I was paying in cash. 

#9   See You at the Library, A National Movement for Free Speech - Baltimore County residents joined the August 5, 2023 national Brave Books movement to promote free speech in our libraries.

#8   Baltimore County Voter Rolls Canvassed, The Results are UNACCEPTABLE - Local canvassing in Baltimore County demonstrated a 14% error rate in voter rolls!

#7   Maryland Federation of Republican Women Official Slate, Met Floor Opposition! - The source of the controversy that loomed over this election was a MFRW Pride Month post that triggered a significant dissent among Maryland members.

#6   Maryland Potential Campaign Finance Fraud and Money Laundering - The allegations stem from a recent video released by James O’Keefe that appears to show massive contribution fraud by individuals in Annapolis. The video shows individuals asked if they had donated thousands to ActBlue. It alleges that over $200,000 was contributed in the name of one Maryland resident.

#5   Social Worker Condemns Baltimore County Public Schools for Harmful Materials - Louise Baker, a career clinical social worker (LCSW-C), warned the Baltimore County Public School Board of Education on July 11 that the retention of some inappropriate and even harmful books in the school libraries could cause lifelong damage.

#4   RWBC Addresses Child Sex Trafficking in USA and What You Can Do to Stop It - Reliable statistics are hard to come by due to the under reported nature of the phenomenon, but the U.S. State Department has reported that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders per year, with about 50 percent of these cases being children.”

#3   Drag Queen Story Hour – A Question of Values - “Let’s grab them while their young and impressionable.” And therein lies the sadness of it all. In my opinion, it almost borders on child abuse.

#2   What is Causing the Surge in Infertility and Transgenderism? - Overnight industries have sprung up offering surgeries and medications for gender dysphoria, invitro clinics, impotency concerns, hormone therapies and the list goes on and on. What is happening to the health of our society?

#1 Maryland Republicans Voice their RNC Chair Choice, Surprising Results! Republican Women of Baltimore County conducted a survey of their membership requesting their vote for who they would select to lead the Republican National Committee.

The 2023 Power of the Pen has proven to be a dynamic platform for RWBC members and contributors to address crucial issues, spark conversations, and promote the values they hold dear. As we reflect on the top 10 articles that resonated with our readers, it becomes clear that RWBC's commitment to free speech and open dialogue remains unwavering.

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