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Monthly Meetings


We have a variety of events for members and non-members to attend. One event open to all is our Monthly Social.


We also have volunteer events, new member events, fundraising, and community volunteering.


Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information and see the Past Events page for more information about the group and our activities.


The Senate Judiciary Committee begins the confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Monday morning at 9am. The NFRW wants to make sure she knows we support her!

U.S Elections 

November 3, 2020

Meet Star Parker 

Star Parker was raised in a nonreligious home by often-absent parents.   After being arrested for shoplifting, her white high school guidance counselor told her not to worry about it, because she was a “'victim of racism, lashing out at society”

US Congressman Andy Harris 

NOV 21 at Delta Marriot Hotel 11:30am – 2:00pm.  


Discussing election results and predictions for future.



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