Action Items for Vaccine Mandates and Passports in Schools and Workplaces


Maryland Statue §7–403

(b) (1) Unless the Secretary of Health declares an emergency or an epidemic of disease, a child whose parent or guardian objects to immunization on the ground that it conflicts with the parent’s or guardian’s bona fide religious beliefs and practices may not be required to present a physician’s certification of immunization to be admitted to school.

    (2) The Secretary of Health shall adopt rules and regulations for religious exemptions under this subsection.


Secretary of Health page 6 of 8


A. Using the form provided by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, a student whose parent or guardian objects to immunization on the ground that the immunization conflicts with the parent's or guardian's bona fide religious beliefs and practices is exempt from the requirement to present a physician's certificate of immunization in order that the student be admitted to school.


B. The exemption allowed under §A of this regulation does not apply when the Secretary declares an emergency or epidemic of disease.


C. A preschool or school, public or private, shall maintain a current list of all students enrolled who have an exemption to immunizations on religious grounds.


D. Annually, by November 15th, a preschool or school, public or private, shall report to the Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene the number of students with a religious exemption enrolled in all grades.


NOTE: No religious exemption form is provided by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


When writing a Religious Exemption, you begin by stating that you are seeking a religious exemption to the vaccine because of “your sincerely held religious beliefs.” That phrase is key to include. From that statement explain how YOUR sincerely held religious beliefs guide you to seek an exemption to the vaccine requirement. If the vaccine is for your minor child, explain how your families sincerely held religious beliefs guide your decision and that you are raising your children with the same beliefs.


You do not need to do include the following:

  • Your religious affiliation

  • The name of your religious leader

  • Alternatives to the vaccine


You do need to:

  • Explain how your religious beliefs guide you to seek this exemption, for example you believe that God created man in his imagine and in the sanctity of human life.

  • Explain how the vaccine contradicts your sincerely held religious beliefs.

  • Explain how religion is an important part of your life, including daily life.

  • Provide the source of your sincerely held religious beliefs, for example Bible scripture passages which support your sincerely held religious beliefs.


There is no requirement to provide a letter from a faith leader. There is no need to suggest alternatives (strongly against).


DO NOT download a template from internet.



Maryland State Officials are developing a program that “allows” people to show a QR code to verify their vaccination status that businesses, schools, and other organizations can utilize to deny or allow entry based on your health records. Read more here:

While Gov. Hogan refuses to acknowledge that this is a “passport” mandate, AND it is NOT A PASSPORT, THIS IS A PERMIT or license to enter restaurants, grocery stores, ballparks, theaters, etc. This system is laying the groundwork to make it even more convenient for individual organizations to discriminate against those who have chosen not to take this experimental product. Maryland has already started a digital passport system. SAY NO!


A full list of Maryland Representatives can be found here:

Find your Maryland representative here:

Find your US representative here:


“Hi, my name is ____ and I am a constituent.

  • I am calling to ask Senator (or Representative) ______ to restore people’s right to choose whether or not to get the high-risk COVID vaccines. to keep working.

  • I STONGLY OPPOSE THE REQUIREMENT OF A PASSPORT (government permission slip) to enter sporting events, shopping, restaurants, etc, OR EVEN TO HOLD A JOB.

  • COVID vaccines are causing numerous serious side effects, and it is unethical to require anyone to get a vaccine that may injure or kill them in order to keep their job.

  • To date, COVID vaccines have caused over 750,000 adverse reactions and over 15,937 deaths. These vaccines have reportedly caused more injury and death than all other vaccines in our history, combined. Open VAERS Data:

  • Vaccine mandates are contrary to the concept of informed consent for medical procedures.

  • Mandates are discriminatory and divisive.  Powerful political interests like the Postal Workers union are able to get exemptions.


I urge _______ to push back against this recent executive order and support legislation to allow people to continue making a living without sacrificing their right to choose what medical procedures to take

Be sure to explain why this issue is important to you. You may wish to use a couple of the talking points below. Don’t copy all of them – just use them as ideas to help structure your own message.



​As a citizen, you can ask to talk to your representative. Set up a Zoom call, be polite and provide the following information.

  • ​Share why this is personal to you. Do you have a religious belief that objects to vaccination, or you are worried about the side effects of COVID injections? Are you simply against government mandates that affect your bodily autonomy?

  • One of the most basic human rights is that of bodily autonomy, as recognized by the Nuremberg Code: . Ethical medicine requires prior, completely voluntary, and fully informed consent.

  • Vaccine package inserts warn of the risk of brain damage, life-threatening allergy, and death and no one knows in advance whom a vaccine will harm. Each of us may respond differently as we have different medical histories, genes, epigenetics, and microbiomes.

  • COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers and providers are shielded from liability through the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, or PREP Act. The only option for compensating people injured by COVID-19 vaccines is the Countermeasures Injury Compensation program (CICP). Only eight percent of all petitioners since 2010 have been awarded compensation through the CICP. No legal or medial expert fees are covered, no pain and suffering is awarded, lost wages are capped at $50,000, and there is no judicial appeal. In other words, the victims will be severely undercompensated while the pharmaceutical companies get rich.

  • COVID-19 vaccines carry the risk of injury and death for some so there has to be informed consent and the right to refuse the vaccine without penalty. As of September 17th, there has already been 752,801 COVID-19 vaccine adverse events and 15,937 COVID-19 vaccine deaths in the U.S. reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System OpenVAERS:

  • There have been no tests of the long-term effects of the experimental gene therapies.

  • Read this article about aborted fetal cell lines and fragments used to make COVID-19 injections:



For consultations and / or retaining of legal representation, contact Jennifer Bland Lester. Please note that information provided is not a legal advice. Every individual should consult with an attorney, whether it is Jennifer or another attorney, for a confidential discussion about the facts of your particular case. General information is for information only and not legal advice.


OR, if your employer or school requires you to get a COVID shot, here is a recommendation to use the legal notifications provided by the Children’s Health Defense legal team.


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Vaccine Passports – Talking Points

To learn more, visit

  1. “Vaccine Passports” are not merely the digital equivalent of the yellow vaccine cards long used in international travel. Few people are aware of the following fact:  According to tech experts, the digital platform used by Vaccine Passports can provide the same totalitarian functionality as used by the Chinese “Social Credit System.”         

  2. China has instituted a “Social Credit System” that gives it totalitarian control over every person in the nation.  This platform is designed to track and integrate the following aspects of every individual:  social media posts, internet search history, internet or mobile shopping history, online gaming history, residence, place of employment, criminal history, facial and gait recognition, bank accounts, credit cards, network of relationships, religious activities, participation (or the lack thereof) in the “Xi-Jinping thought” app, and real-time physical location. 


3. All this information is fed into a central database and used to issue a “social credit score.”  Citizens are rewarded or punished, based on these scores.  Those with a high score – who are considered “trustworthy” -- are able to participate freely in society.  Those with a low score cannot travel, borrow money, may be fired from their jobs, and may be unable to get their children into school.  Those with very low scores, such as political dissidents, can be cut off from credit card use, a big problem in China’s increasingly cashless society.  Dissidents can be found (and potentially disappeared) in minutes, along with their networks of relationships.


4. While the Vaccine Passport may begin with only carrying digital information regarding whether an individual is vaccinated, the rest of the functionality of the Chinese Social Credit System can quickly be integrated into the “Vaccine Passport” system. 


5. Whether such digital documentation is governmentally issued or produced by corporate sponsors, the practical effect will be to provide a platform that, in the wrong hands, could be used to issue in totalitarianism in the United States.


6. Further, Vaccine Passports – whether digital or paper -- could be used to create a two-tiered society.  Already, some entertainment venues have said that they may have separate seating sections for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, or that they will prohibit access entirely to the unvaccinated.  Airlines, hotels, restaurants, gyms are among others considering the use of “Vaccine Passports.”  Many people have valid moral or medical reasons not to be vaccinated.  They should not become second-class citizens.


7. Vaccine Passports can be used to deny those who remain unvaccinated constitutionally guaranteed freedoms – potentially among them: speech, worship, assembly and the right to peaceably petition their grievances. 


8. Vaccine Passports could cause unauthorized disclosure of personal medical and other data.


9. We are not anti-vaxxers.  Some of us have chosen to be vaccinated against Covid-19; others have not. We are very concerned, however, that digital “vaccine passports” can be used to restrict rights to freedom and privacy that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and which sit at the very heart of our culture and democracy.


10. We ask that you promote or support legislation banning the issuance or use of digital “Vaccine Passports,” not only by our state or local government, but also by businesses or commercial enterprises.