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Republican Women of Baltimore County is more than a group enjoying each other's company.


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History of the RWBC

 In the aftermath of the historic Goldwater presidential campaign of 1964, a determined group of Republican women set forth to change Baltimore County. At the first organizational meeting in early 1965, about 20 women, including Ellen Sauerbrey, gathered in the living room of Jane Jackson’s Towson home. Sylvia Herman, then President of the MFRW, came to preside over the formalities of chartering a new club. The chosen name was the GOPhers. In 1968 the club had grown to about 45 members and was very active in Richard Nixon’s campaign for president. Members such as Helen Delich Bentley began to take prominent positions in public service and party leadership at that time, followed by Ellen Sauerbrey, Martha Klima, Helen Chamberlain and others. In more recent years, Susan Aumann and Kathy Szeliga have served in the House of Delegates, with Del. Szeliga, who ran as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2016, continuing to serve as the House Minority Whip since 2013. Each election cycle sees RWBC members running for elected public office or vigorously supporting them and others.

Board Meetings

Monthly Board Meetings are held during the first week of every month. 

Monthly Meetings

Montly meeting are held the third Saturday of every month


We plan special events and join similar clubs in their events


We have fun while pursuing our objective and goals



Unite Republican Women into an effective and active part of the Republican Party.


Assist in the political education of our members.


Broaden the understanding of Republican aims in government.


Encourage women to take leadership roles, to run for office and to fill appointive seats.


Develop potential candidates.


Support Republican candidates with our time and talents.


Increase the number of registered voters in the state of Maryland

Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) is one of 40 unit clubs across the state that make up the Maryland Federation of Republican Women. It's because of the MFRW that there are more Republican Women in office than ever before.


The MFRW, some 1700 strong is a part of the National Federation of Republican Women - the largest grassroots partisan organization in the country.

Who are the Republican Women of Baltimore County?


We are a proudly multi-generational, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic group of women who believe in the value and preeminence of every individual in our society. We believe that justice is best served by judging each person by the content of his character, rather than by the color of his skin. We look to a free market economic system to bring about the freedoms of prosperity, opportunity for all, and assistance to the needy. We promote good government, the election of more women to public office, adherence to the Constitution, and the conservative principles of the Republican Party. The RWBC is a chapter club of the Maryland Federation of Republican Women (MFRW).

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