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BYLAWS (revised /21)


Article I - Name


The name of this organization shall be the Republican Women of Baltimore County.


Article II – Purposes


The objectives of this club shall be:

     a) To promote Republican ideals in public policy

     b) To encourage Republican women to run for elected office

     c) To perform charitable activities to enhance the welfare of the community in which it exists

     d) To provide its membership with opportunities to have fun in pursuit of these objectives.

     e) Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government

     f) Inform the public through political education and activity

     g) Promote the principles of the Republican Party

     h) Work for Republican candidates in elections, including non-partisan elections


Article III - Membership


Section 1 - Member in good standing

A member in good standing is one whose current dues are paid and who supports Article II of these bylaws. Only members in good standing may vote at meetings.


Section 2 - Eligibility

Membership shall be extended to registered Republican women who are residents of the state of Maryland.


Section 3 - Associate and Honorary Members

     a) Registered Republican women who have primary membership in a federated club other than the Republican Women of

         Baltimore County are eligible for associate membership upon payment of required dues. Associate members cannot hold             office or vote and cannot be counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to national or state federation           meetings or conventions. They do not pay state or national federation dues to their associate club.

     b) Republican men are eligible for associate membership upon payment of the required annual dues to the club. They cannot           hold office, have  a voice or vote and cannot be counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to national           or state federation meetings or conventions. Republican men who are associate members cannot become members of the           state or national federation.


     Article IV - Officers

     Section 1 - Elected Officers

     The elected officers shall be a President, a 1st  Vice-President and 2nd Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The 2nd       Vice President shall share duties of the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The officers shall be elected in November of       odd calendar years.

     Section 2 - Term of Office

     Officers shall hold office for one two-year term. The President may not serve in that office for more than two consecutive   


     Section 3 - Removal from Office

     Upon the failure of an officer to attend three general or Board meetings or cannot fulfill her duties during the calendar year,           the Board of Directors has the option of replacing that officer. Should the officer in question choose not to resign, the office           may be declared vacant at the next general meeting by a vote of the majority of the voting members present, provided written       notice of the action to be taken is given in the call to the next meeting.

     Section 4 - Executive Committee

     The elected officers shall constitute the executive committee. They shall meet prior to the January meeting next after election       to form of Board of Directors. The Executive Committee shall have the power to:

          a) fill a vacancy in an elected office for the unexpired term

          b) to create additional standing committees as may be deemed necessary from time to time

          c) to approve the appointment of all appointed officers and committee chairwomen

          d) to secure meeting places for the club


     Article V - Board of Directors


     The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee, the Chairwomen of all committees, both standing and 

      special, and the immediate past President of the club.

     The Board of Directors shall have the power to transact all business of the club between meetings thereof and make     

     recommendations as to policy.

     Article VI - Meetings of Members

     Section 1 - Meetings

     General meetings shall be held in the months of September through June. Club business shall be conducted at these

     meetings, except at the June and December meetings, when it is optional. Special meetings may be called by the President

     and may also be called by not less than five members of the Board of Directors.


     Section 2 - Quorum

     At general meetings of the membership, 20% of the current membership entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum.

     Section 3 - Notice

     All members shall be notified of the time and place of all meetings. Notification may be made by newsletter, postcard,

     telephone call, website, and/or e-mail, provided every member is notified.

     Article VII - Standing and Special committees


     Standing committees:  Bylaws, Campaign/Voter Registration, Finance, Fundraising, Legislative, Membership, Public

     Relations/Program, and Social Media/Website Management/Historian.


     Special committees are committees as deemed necessary to support the work of the organization.  They include:

     Americanism, Awards and Philanthropy (Caring for America & Literacy)


The Executive Board may authorize additional committee assignments from time to time. An auditing committee consisting of two people shall be appointed by the President each year at the September meeting to audit the Treasurer's accounts and to report at the November meeting. The audit shall be accomplished within a one-month period.


Article VIII - Fiscal year and dues


     a.) The fiscal year of this club shall be January 1 to December 31.

     b.) Any change in the annual dues shall be proposed by the RWBC board and approved by a 

          majority of a quorum of members voting at a general meeting.

     c.) Annual dues are payable to the Treasurer for the upcoming year beginning October 1.

Article IX - Qualifications of Officers

To be eligible for elected office in the club, a candidate shall be a member in good standing who has been a member for at least one year, participated in at least one committee, and a registered Republican in the state of Maryland at the time of election.

Article X - Duties of Officers

Section 1 - President

The President shall:

     a.) preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and general membership

     b.) appoint the Chairwomen of all committee

     c.) call meetings of the Executive committee and special meetings of members

     d.) serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee

     e.) represent the club at all county and state federation meetings

     f.) supervise the work of the club in general as its chief executive officer.

     g.) relinquish her duties as President or Acting President while running for a public elective office

          until she is no longer a candidate.


Section 2 – Vice President

The First Vice-President and Second Vice President shall:

     a.) serve as an assistant to the President

     b.) perform the duties of the President in her absence, including serving on the Maryland

          Federation of Republican Women's Board of Directors

     c.) automatically assume the office of President in the event of a vacancy in the office of the


     d.) relinquish her duties as Vice-President or Acting Vice-President while running for a public

          elective office, until she is no longer a candidate.


Section 3 – Secretary

The Secretary shall:

     a.)  keep the minutes of board meetings and of general meetings of the membership

     b.) conduct correspondence as directed by the club President

     c.) keep an up to date list of members, with all contact information

     d.) send thank you notes and acknowledgments.


Section 4 – Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

     a.) collect and keep a record of all dues, reporting all membership information and dues to the MFRW

     b.) maintain the regular club bank account for the purpose of paying routine expenses

     c.) open and maintain any and all special bank accounts for specific activities or events as

          directed by the board of directors

     d.) shall report the monthly activity of accounts to the board of directors and at regular intervals

          to the membership at general meetings

     e.) send annual membership renewal forms to members and notify all delinquent members of their change in status

     f.) produce the annual end of year report.



Article XI - Nomination, Election and Installation of Officers


     a) By the September meeting in the odd calendar years, a nominating committee consisting of three members shall be

         selected from the general membership, who shall in turn elect their Chairwoman. The committee shall submit a slate of at   

         least one candidate for each office at the October meeting of the general membership. Members wishing to run for a

         particular office shall make their wishes known to the Nominating Committee. No candidate shall be nominated without her

         consent. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at this meeting, provided the candidate to be so nominated has

         given her consent prior to the nomination.

     b) The election shall be conducted at the November meeting by written ballot. At the time of election, the Nominating

         Committee shall count the vote and make a report of the election results to the members prior to the conclusion of the

         meeting. Only members present and in good standing are eligible to vote. A majority of the eligible members present shall

         be sufficient to elect.

     c) Installation of officers shall take place at the December meeting.


Article XII - Amendments to Bylaws


Amendments to these bylaws may be made on request, in writing, to the Bylaws Committee, whereupon the committee shall provide 30 days notice of the proposed amendment to members in good standing prior to a vote of approval.


Article XIII - Primary Elections


This club shall not endorse any candidate prior to any primary election. Nothing herein shall prohibit the club from endorsing a candidate in a primary who is unopposed for the Republican Party nomination. No officer shall be permitted to work for or endorse a candidate of any party other than the Republican Party.


Article XIV - Parliamentary Procedure


The parliamentary authority of this club shall be Robert's Rules of Order when same is not in conflict with these Bylaws.


Article XV - Dissolution


In the event of dissolution of this club, the assets, records and charter shall be returned to the Maryland Federation of Republican Women. The assets are to be held by the Maryland Federation of Republican Women in escrow for three years.

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