Americanism – Chair: Jean Hessenauer  

  • Patriotism

    • Promotes patriotism at every meeting.

    • Donates patriotic books to libraries and schools.

  • Flag

    • Leads the Pledge of Allegiance at each meeting

    • Ensures proper display of the American flag at all functions.

    • Instructs members on flag etiquette and history.

    • Presents flags to schools and community groups.

Awards - Chair: Kathryn Jerrad

  • Coordinates RWBC participation in the MFRW and NFRW awards program.

  • Provides MFRW and NFRW awards information to RWBC president and executive committee

  • Working knowledge of requirements and deadlines.

    • Coordinates with the RWBC executive committee to submit necessary information for state and national awards.

Bylaws – Chair: Dee Hodges Co-Chair: Open

  • Attends executive committee board meetings to act as a resource regarding the existing bylaws.

  • In accordance with MFRW guidelines, and under the guidance of the RWBC executive committee, facilitates revision of existing bylaws annually.

Campaign/Voter Registration – Chair: Open

  • Help coordinate and sponsor voter registration drives.

  • Coordinate voting education opportunities to the RWBC, in cooperation with the Baltimore County Board of Elections.

    • Promote candidate debates and forums.

    • Keep the general membership up to date on the needs of local, state-wide, and national campaigns needs for volunteers.

  • Provides the above stated information to the executive committee for review and distribution to membership between meeting, and in non-meeting months.

Fundraising – Chair: Tien Langlee

  • Will lead the RWBC membership in efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the club.

  • Coordination of events, in cooperation with other committees to promote the above stated goal.

    • In coordination with the RWBC executive committee, determines worthy non-RWBC charities and campaigns to host events for.

  • Chairwoman will focus the efforts of committee members on target audiences and groups to facilitate fundraising.

Philanthropy – Chair: Open   

  • Caring for America Chair - Patty Ensore and Carol Randall

  • Institutes community service projects, under the oversight of the executive committee, that promote Republican values and Republican women

    • Literacy Chair: Carol Randall

  • Promotes the acquisition of and donation of books and videos that reflect Republican philosophies to local public libraries and schools.

  • Provides a list of books recognized as part of Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)

Legislative –  Chair: Kathryn Jerrard, 

  • Shall inform the executive board and the club of any local or state legislation affecting the interests of the RWBC, as well as all of Baltimore County.

  • Will coordinate efforts to have membership attendance at legislative days in Annapolis, as well as NFRW sponsored Legislative Days in Washington D.C.

  • Provides monthly updates at meetings regarding legislative activities in Baltimore County and Annapolis.

Membership/Hospitality – Chair: Eleanor Huber Co-Chair: Happy Riley,  

  • Assists the RWBC in boosting membership through networking, intra-party referrals, and dialog with active members.

  • Contacts perspective members

  • Networks with MFRW to gather information from their annual membership contest to understand programs and projects that have bolstered membership efforts within other clubs state-wide.

  • Coordinates with the executive board to participate in community events to help appeal to potential members.

  • Helps update membership materials annually to maintain accuracy of content and update information to stay relevant in the current political environment.

Public Relations/Program – Chair: Open

  • Public Relations

    • Promote RWBC events and meeting with the goal of generating news interest and coverage.

  • Coordinate with the MFRW PR Committee for assistance when needed.

    • Maximize impact through personal phone calls and/or visits to members of the news media to discuss RWBC functions.

    • Develop a contact list of news media people and keep updated.

  • Program

    • Coordinate with the executive committee to develop speaker schedules for each cycle (Jan-June and Sept-Nov)

  • The goal of all programs should be to educate and build enthusiasm for winning elections.

    • Work in tandem with appropriate committee chairs to ensure distribution and communication of programs.

Social Media/Website Management – Chairman: Jolie McShane

  • Social Media

    • Update social media (Facebook) content weekly. Ensure frequent posts that are consistent with the goals of the RWBC. 

  • Website Management

    • Keep website updated with upcoming meetings, events, contacts, etc.

  • Coordinate with the executive committee to ensure accurate messaging and content.

  • Communicate desired updates and changes with designated webmaster.

Newsletter Chair : Danielle Broussard  

  • Maintains written and photographic record of RWBC events and activities

  • Provides photographs to publish relations committee as requested.

  • Provides commentary for membership

  • Danielle Broussard is a former Nationally ranked Figure Skater and Professional athlete. She holds two Adult National titles and two International titles, retiring in 2000. After graduating from Villanova University she moved to NYC where she began a stand-up comedy career that took her all over the world. She has appeared on The Today Show, Conan O'Brien, ABC, VH1, HBO, was a semi-finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing and did two tours for Armed Forces Entertainment. She wrote a chapter for Joy Behar's book, "When You Need A Lift," but don't hold that against her. Currently, she is a Certified Jewelry Appraiser. Danielle has always had a passion for politics and is grateful for the opportunity to put her writing skills to use for the Conservative cause.

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