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Standing Committee Chairmen

Standing committees are established to serve permanent and continuing function in the club

Sophia Montgomery

Sophia pic color.jpg


Reviews existing bylaws annually and facilitates any need for proposed revisions.

Sarah Burton


Plans programs and drafts budgets for programs to generate revenue.


Ellen Sauerbrey


Key contact for new members joining RWBC, as the founder who else is better suited to this position? 


Karen Tully

Social Media and Media Liason

RWBC reporter for individuals and companies. Social media and media creator for the various digital platforms. 

Jean Bennoff.jpg

Jean Benhoff

Campaign-Voter Registration

Coordinates and sponsors voter registration activities.

Kathryn .jpg

Kathryn Jerrard


Shall inform the executive board and the club of any local or state legislation affecting the interests of the RWBC, as well as all of Baltimore County.

Dee Hodges

Dee Hodges


Coordinates with the club's Executive Committee to develop speaker schedules and meeing activities.


Linda Eminizer

Website Management

Coordinate with the executive committee to ensure accurate messaging and content.

Special Committee Chairwomen

Special committees are deemed necessary to support the work of the club

Donna Mell.png
Carol Randall.png

Jean Hessenauer


Promotes activities which educate the public on American history, civics, and values and provides resources for members to support these areas as individuals.

Donna Mell

Caring for America

Institutes club community service projects, based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individuals.

Carol Randall

Leadership Development

Encourages members to join committees as suits their interests, backgrounds, and skills; provides support to members in new roles.

Linda Eminizer


Produces a monthly club newsletter.

Dee Hodges
Eleanor Huber
Joanne seward_edited.jpg

Dee Hodges


Collects volunteer hours from the club members, monitors club completion of activities as listed on the annual MFRW Awards Form.

Eleanor Huber


Boosts membership through networking,
intra-party referrals, and dialog with active members. Update membership materials annually

Joanne Seward


Oversees the acquisition and donation of books and other materials to local schools and public libraries which reflect traditional American values.

Katie Swim

Public Education

Reviews the current Baltimore County Public School curriculum.  Attends school board meetings that are open to the public.

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