Republican Women of Baltimore County Celebrates April 2021 as the “Month of the Man”

The Republican Women of Baltimore County will dedicate the month of April 2021 as the “Month of the Man”. We are looking forward to celebrating Men in several ways. Most importantly during our monthly meeting, taking place on April 17, 2021,  all of our male Associate Members will receive special recognition by being officially introduced and asked to say a few words about how the leftist attack on manhood as made them feel and what they feel we as their supporters can assist them in navigating this unprecedented attack on manhood.

In addition, we will be presenting weekly articles on our website celebrating Men in all ways, as protectors, providers and as society’s contributors. Our highly active Facebook page will feature themes supporting our men and all their numerous contributions to our Country and to our society.

In addition, The Republican Women of Baltimore County has a YouTube Channel that will feature interviews of several of our male associate members. Our membership is excited to share its support for the “Month of the Man” as we find mainstream news outlets and woke culture warriors are unsupportive of half of our nation’s population!

You may be thinking, aren’t men cancelled? Here is the difference, as conservatives we do not advocate the separation people by class or race. However, because we follow science, we understand there is a difference between males and females.  Therefore, we have decided to celebrate the men in our lives and society.

Come join us on Facebook, at our up-coming meeting and at our various movie nights. Male Associate Members, please come join us as we have special recognition planned for you on April 17,, 2021 meeting being held at the Delta Marriott Hotel located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Republican Women of Baltimore County Cancels Twitter Account

Joining forces with other Conservatives, Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) has deleted their Twitter account and is moving to another platform. “We will not miss Twitter, it has long become a platform where biased censorship takes place. In addition, inappropriate language and attacks on Conservatives are consistently allowed by Twitter. No one wants to read foul language and negative narratives all the time,” said RWBC Social Media Committee Chair Jolie McShane.

Twitter has the right to cancel Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts, in the same vein RWBC has the right to condemn these actions by closing @RWofBC. RWBC President Dee Hodges stated, “this goes both ways, Twitter cancels Donald Trump’s account we cancel our Twitter account.”

The Republican Women are not alone, Twitter has faced worldwide condemnation of their actions to delete not only @realDonaldTrump but also the official @POTUS Twitter account. These actions have caused Twitter to lose 12% of their stock value and the toll continues. Each day Twitter sees mass numbers migrating away from their platform due to their actions.

Various social media platforms are readily available to accommodate Twitter’s customers. The question remains, which one will be the future social media venue to replace Twitter?

                                                                                    Feminism and Conservatism, by Danielle Broussard

I would like to thank all of the great Republican Women of Baltimore County for giving me the opportunity to write about Conservative and Women’s issues. Both are dear to my heart and I fear have been drowned out by the roar of, “Political Correctness.” I am often asked how I can be both a woman and a Conservative. I wonder as a woman how you can’t be. I grew up in the ‘70s when women’s liberation was hitting its stride and the ‘80s when we really came into our own power. While it seemed like the Democrats first embraced women’s rights, they have since abandoned or mangled almost all of the good things they intended, beyond recognition.

As a girl the first time I heard the word, “Feminist” I was intrigued. I was taught that a feminist was someone who thought women were equal with men, especially intellectually, and deserved to have all the same rights and opportunities: availability to education, scholarships, good jobs and equal pay. Who would be against that? Nothing in my life hinted that boys were worth more or more worthy than girls. In fact, I was better than most of them at sports and even when they became stronger than me at puberty, I was still more coordinated and had better stamina than most of them. While I grew up in a home where my Mom stayed home and didn’t work, I also had a Dad that told me I could do anything I wanted to do with my life.

With this definition I have and still do, consider myself a feminist. What has changed is that the Democrat party has decided you cannot consider yourself one if you vote Republican or stray from their values by even one issue. I thought the point of Feminism was empowerment, not to be taking orders mindlessly from one source. The irony has not been lost on me. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a traitor to my gender on Facebook because I voted for Donald Trump. Somehow I’ve turned my back on Women’s rights because I’m not letting Democrats of both genders tell me what to think. I guess thinking for myself was a great idea until I disagreed with them. That’s like refusing to teach someone to read unless they agree to read only the books you choose.

Here’s where Feminism and the Democrats seriously parted ways for me. I watched them attack and ruin the life of a 26 year-old intern when she had the nerve to get seduced by Bill Clinton. I didn’t hear anyone asking what a middle-aged married, leader of the free world was doing having sex with a child. I heard how she was a slut and a looney toon. I heard this from so-called feminists, the first lady and the press, because a Democratic President was too precious to bring down or even be taken to task on his years long bad behavior. The only politicians who were worse to women than Bill Clinton were maybe the Kennedys, who are possibly tied with King Henry VIII. Being chosen by either could get you killed. Then a few years after that I was asked to vote for Hillary Clinton, the woman who excused every horrible thing Bill did to women. She was like looking at a female madam in a cathouse. I know that men do such things, but I expected better of a woman. Sadly, if she had divorced Bill I might have voted for her because she would be saying, “It’s wrong and I won’t tolerate it.” Then in true poetic fashion, the Democrats way of using people and discarding them no matter what underdog them claim to champion, came back to bite her. Was there anything more sexist than them picking Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton as their Presidential candidate in 2008? It was so smooth most still don’t even see it that way. On the one hand they were saying, “We’ll pick a man, any man, no matter how inexperienced, over this woman.” On the other they were just caught up in their own identity politics machine. It was as if they all got together and said, “You know what would be even cooler than a woman for President? I know, a black teenager!” Did they think they were casting a sitcom? Hillary had far more experience. Didn’t matter, because they really don’t care about women’s rights or equality. They care about power and they will throw anyone they claimed to care about, (women, minorities, Title 9 gave girls the same access to athletic scholarships that boys had. It was a huge victory. Now all that work is being eroded away by allowing transgendered “girls,” who were born biological males, to compete for those precious, few slots. Poof. Just like that, what real Feminists in the ‘70s fought hard for and won for future female generations, is gone. The Left are not Feminists. They’re hustlers. I’m just glad a few of us are wise enough to see it and say it. It wasn’t easy because it’s been camouflaged for years, coming out of female mouths we thought were our sisters and friends.



Life is full of surprises, but when three new members introduced themselves as former Democrats this past weekend at the annual New Member's Party, everyone took notice. We had heard of the massive crossovers to the Republican Party, but here was solid proof. Member Liz Matory, once an active Democrat in Montgomery County explained the switch in her book, Born Again Republican. In 2017, Liz decided to run against House Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger. Although unsuccessful in her first attempt, recent national attention on Baltimore City starts the dialog and opens up House Seats to the opposition party. 

The New Member party was graced with wonderful weather in a beautiful setting. Members had the opportunity to meet with and hear Nino Mangioni, Maryland House of Delegates 42B, Kathy Szlegia, House of Delegates 7th District and other ranking local politicians. 

Happy Birthday America!

An enthusiastic team of RWBC members joined together and decorated two vehicles for the Towson parade. Special this year was Ellen Sauerbry rode up front in a Jaguar Convertible!

The Movie Unplanned Review

RWBC would like to thank the producers of “Unplanned” for working with RWBC to have a special showing of the movie at Hunt Valley Regal Theaters on March 28, 2019.


“Unplanned” is the true story of Abby Johnson; an eight year employee of Planned Parenthood and its youngest ever Clinic Director. Abby first becomes acquainted with P.P. on her college campus when a recruiter tells her she can have a career helping women. Her first job is walking clients from their car to the clinic, so they don’t get distracted by the Right to Lifers at the fence line trying to persuade them to keep their babies. Abby believes she is helping women make one of the toughest decisions of their life. She is no stranger to this decision having had two abortions herself.

This movie pulls no punches and does not back away from one of its most memorable lines, “Nobody ever said abortion was pretty.” It is this unvarnished, visual and emotional truth that earned it its R rating. An R rating reduces the size of the audience that will come to see your movie, especially one with a Christian theme, but it was necessary. You can’t capture the harsh reality of what happens during an abortion without the scene of the fetus squirming away from the doctor trying to vacuum it out. Without it, the movie would have been as sterile and whitewashed as Planned Parenthood’s explanations of what abortion is and why it is good. It is seeing it on an ultrasound that finally changes Abby’s mind about abortion. Yes; she had two before, but was never shown an ultrasound of her baby or heard its heartbeat. Her second one was chemically induced with the drug RU486. She sold abortions for eight years before ever witnessing the physical horror of a moving fetus being sucked out of a young girl and then its parts rearranged on a paper towel to make sure they got it all. The audience squirmed as well.

What really works about “UNPLANNED” is that although it tackles one of the worst divides of our time, it really doesn’t judge. There is compassion for Abby and for all of the women who made that choice. She chose abortion to avoid being attached to an undesirable man for the rest of her life. Even if you think abortion is murder, you see the guy she would be stuck with and it’s understandable. There is a theme of forgiveness and acceptance. You have sympathy for the suffering she goes through anyway. The RU486 caused her to hemorrhage violently and endure a very long, painful night. They told her there would be only slight discomfort and bleeding. They told her she wouldn’t look back on her abortions as anything more than a minor medical procedure if she looked back on them at all. Both were lies.

The Pro-Life group, 40 Days for Life, is portrayed as sincere in direct contrast to another hostile protester who is more in the Westboro Baptist Church vein: aggressive, intimidating and damning. This is important when the press paints all Pro-lifers as crazy, unhinged, bible bangers who want to kill abortion doctors. When Abby finally leaves, 40 Days for Life takes her in and helps her find a job.

“Unplanned” far exceeded expectations at the box office. The media has excelled at making the Pro-Life movement look minuscule, insignificant and passé. More fake news. Abby’s epiphany could be considered a small miracle. Knowing how Hollywood feels about this topic, the bigger miracle is that this film got made at all.

The Maryland Federation of Republican Women
Proudly Honors Long-time Member Ellen Sauerbrey

Highlights from Ellen’s life include 1959 Graduate of Western Maryland College…1960-1967 Taught Biology…1964 Volunteer Goldwater Presidential Campaign…1966 Charter Member Republican Women of Baltimore County (then GOP-Hers)…1966 Volunteer Agnew Gubernatorial Campaign… 1968…Delegate National Convention (Nixon)…1974 Volunteer Hogan Gubernatorial Campaign (asked to be Lt.Gov. candidate)…By 1976 Vice President MFRW…1978 Elected Delegate to General Assembly…1986 Elected Minority Leader…1990 Elected National President of ALEC…1994 Gubernatorial Campaign (election fraud)…1996 Maryland Chairman Phil Gramm Presidential Campaign…1998 Gubernatorial Campaign…2000 Maryland Chairman George W. Bush Presidential Campaign…2001 Ambassador to UN Commission on Status of Women…2003 Assistant Secretary State Department in charge of Population, Refugees & Migration…2014 Advisor to Governor Hogan

Baltimore City/County Citizens Meet

Various members of the Democrat and Republican party's came together to discuss the issues in the city, state and Baltimore County that face all of us. The Greater Baltimore Muslim Council graciously  hosted  the event. 


Ex Mayor Shelia Dixon, Delegate Nick Mosby, Shahab Garni, Nicolee Ambrose, Kathryn Jerrard, Delegate Dr. Jay Jalise, business owners Zakia Shad, Zulqurnain Saroya, representatives from B.C. police Department and many others from across the city and county attended. 

First Lady Luncheon 

Lunch with the First Lady is always a well attended event. Republican Women of Baltimore County donated a lovely basket of local items. Proceeds benefit a charity of the First Lady's Choice. 

A Journey from the Left to the Right


An interview with Liz Matory, who ran for Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District in Maryland, proved to be an awe-inspiring journey for her as she moved from a liberal thinking mindset and agenda, then as an Independent then to the conservative side as a registered Republican.


Born February 11, 1980 in Washington, D.C. Liz considers herself a “Born Again Republican” and also having published a book bearing that title. Her educational background consists of a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from the University of Maryland and a JD from Howard University. Her political activism entails involvement with the Maryland Federation of Republican Women and the Maryland State Republican Central Committee.


Liz has strong opinions that she has developed and also witnessed as she transitioned from one party to the other over time. She saw extensive governmental manipulation and control enacted in which she feels you loose personal autonomy. She feels that the control can jeopardize, subtract from and redefine standby traditions of family, faith and belief in one self. Once the belief in one self is eroded it allows for more intervention by the government. She believes in the tenet that you can’t control people as much when they are given a choice. A quote from Liz states, “We should be further along as a community and country than we are but for the three generations of failed liberal policies our country is unrecognizable. If we do not take a bold, focused step to challenge the status quo our American way of life will be lost forever.”    


Despite having lost in the mid term election to Dutch Ruppersburger Liz is primed to continue her journey through her political activism for the top issues important to her which are protecting our 2nd amendment rights as well as the Right to Life causes for the unborn, honoring our service members and families, the lowering of taxes and to grow the economy. As for elections in general Liz adheres to rule # 1 that the only elections that are easy to steal are the close ones.


Liz currently resides in Parkville, MD and is slated to begin work on a second book.

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