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Drag Queen Story Hour - A Question of Values

By A RWBC Concerned Member

I decided at the last moment on Saturday, January 14 to drive down to Canton on the Square to witness the demonstration of the LGBTQ group that were gathered in large numbers to defend their position regarding their lifestyle and identity. When I arrived, the people were large in number stretched out along the sidewalk blocking the doorway to the Canton Library. There was a police presence as well blocking all the entrances to the building. The requirement to get access to the library was if you had a child with you. Then the group would spread out, similar to the parting of the Red Sea and allow entry. Many of them were holding banners that expressed their position as well as twirling multi-colored umbrellas that represented their group. Banners screaming “Equality” was the order of the day. There were two bicyclists in their signature garb colors who repeatedly pedaled around the block to advertise and advocate their position even more.

On the opposite side of the street there was the opposing group who also held signs but were fewer in number. Some of the opposing signs read, Cancel Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Queens Belong in Clubs not Libraries, Drag is Misogyny, You Call It Story Time ~ We Call It Grooming, A Public Library is Not a Place for a Drag Show, Leave the Kids Alone and our very own Kate Sullivan was front and center with her sign as well.

It was a peaceful event but bitterly cold and windy. There was one moment where two ladies from both groups stepped off the sidewalk in the middle of the street to have a shouting match pointing fingers at each other. The media was there and seemed to give equal time to both groups.

While I was witnessing this, I have to say I felt incredibly sad. Mostly for the children, as young as three years old, who are exposed to this questionable and seriously unchristian alternative lifestyle. The lead reader inside the library was a male adorned in colorful female garb making all kinds of upward motion hand gestures and body language that demonstrated an air of fun, expressing an atmosphere of a party, while holding a brightly colored book that supported that alternative lifestyle message. It was quite an underhanded, clever way and not so subtle technique to capture these very young children by making this choice of lifestyle okay and normal. A kind of brain washing. This reading event inside the library was shown on the TV stations that same night.

I am guessing that this group wants to set the stage early in the life of the child when they are most trusting and innocent. Their hidden motto between those who follow this lifestyle must be, “Let’s grab them while their young and impressionable.” And therein lies the sadness of it all. In my opinion, it almost borders on child abuse.

So, in conclusion, it is imperative as dedicated Christian adults to parent their children in the ways of Jesus Christ who clearly expressed in the Bible that a heterosexual lifestyle is the norm.

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