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Why Aren't Republicans Voting? A Concern Echoed by Many

Lately, there's a growing question: why aren't Republicans casting their votes?

Some believe it's because they reside in a Blue State, thinking their vote won't make a difference. Others feel completely disillusioned following the 2020 Election, fearing this will continue to occur in all future elections. Some might be tired of political battles and misrepresentation of certain representatives in Washington, DC.


Regardless of the reasons, one thing is clear: We All Must Vote. By abstaining from voting, Republicans risk relinquishing our election process to those who aim to undermine it and in doing so, destroy our Republic.


Voting, whether in a Blue or Red State, sends a message. It communicates to candidates where the people stand. If you stay home then your franchise is not only ignored but is disrespected.  If you stay home then you are telling not only the candidates, but the Central Committees and the Government that you do not care what happens to our Country, our States, our local communities. 


If people stop voting, elections may become obsolete. Without active participation, who would govern our nation?


It is never a good idea to stand on the sidelines and just watch things happen.  That is where the weak and timid hang out, so they do not to have to take on any responsibility or obligation.  It is where the future “foot-soldiers” wait for their marching orders from the “Ministers of Truth.”   And as the Elite ride by and observe who is standing on the sidelines, they mock them and use them for their bidding.


We must cherish our voting rights and use them to express our concerns when selecting our leaders.  It may appear, and surely it does, that we are being pushed around by our elected officials – but that is because we have allowed this to happen. 


Our remedy is to VOTE.  To VOTE these Pushers OUT of office.  To VOTE for people who will HONOR our Constitution.  To VOTE for people who truly believe they are SERVING the American People and not the other way around.  To VOTE for people who believe in America and everything our Republic stands for.



By Dale Livingston

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