Dear RWBC members,  


The Maryland Federation of Republic Women have asked that we write to the specific committee members that will be reviewing two pro-abortion bills, HB 1171 and SB 669 and to oppose those bills.  They also ask that we support two bills- one supporting biological female rights in  girls sports (HB 757) and then other supporting transparency of school curriculum for parents(HB 758). The following has been composed to assist you:


HB 1171

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RE: Oppose HB 1171

Dear Committee Members,


I strongly oppose HB 1171 because it will eliminate any right of an unborn child to life from conception through birth. I urge all committee members to vote against this heinous bill.


Thank you,


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RE: Oppose SB 669

Dear Committee Members,


I strongly oppose SB 699 because it explicitly states that a person cannot be subject to prosecution or penalty for terminating their own pregnancy at any time or experiencing a perinatal death related to a failure to act. Perinatal is the period of time between the 20th week of pregnancy and 28 days into newborn life which allows a person to cause the death of newborn by failing to provide the newborn with food, water, warmth, medicine or medical care.  This bill would legalize Infanticide.


I urge all committee members to oppose this horrific bill.


Thank you,


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HB 757 and HB 758

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Vanessa.Atterbeary@house.state.md.usalonzo.washington@house.state.md.usdalya.attar@house.state.md.usdarryl.barnes@house.state.md.usjoseph.boteler@house.state.md.uschanel.branch@house.state.md.usjason.buckel@house.state.md.usnick.charles@house.state.md.useric.ebersole@house.state.md.usjessica.feldmark@house.state.md.usmike.griffith@house.state.md.usmichele.guyton@house.state.md.uswayne.hartman@house.state.md.uskevin.hornberger@house.state.md.usjulian.ivey@house.state.md.usdana.jones@house.state.md.usmaryann.lisanti@house.state.md.usbob.long@house.state.md.useric.luedtke@house.state.md.usjulie.palakovichcarr@house.state.md.usedith.patterson@house.state.md.usapril.rose@house.state.md.us; [mailto:jheanelle.wilkins@house.state.md.us;]jheanelle.wilkins@house.state.md.us;


RE: Support for HB 757 and HB 758


Dear Committee Members,


I strongly support the passage of HB 757 and HB 758.  HB 757 is integral in limiting interscholastic intramural girl sports to biological females.  It is critical that biological females are allowed to participate in girls sports on level playing field. 


HB 757 is critical in giving a voice back to parents by requiring schools with 400 or more students to post on school's website of lesson plans and information on textbooks & other reading materials, videos, and websites. I support this level of transparency.


I urge all committee members to vote for the approval of these two house bills.


Thank you,


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I hope this was helpful.


Nancy Anastasiades, RWBC Legislative Committee Member

 Or call: (410) 841-3471 and state your opinion