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Baltimore County Voter Rolls Canvassed and the Results are Unacceptable!

On May 20, Ginny Diese and Jean Benhoff presented to the RWBC monthly meeting in Hunt Valley on the non-partisan subject of Election Integrity and the Baltimore County Board of Elections (BOE) voter roll analysis. See presentation here.

Local canvassing in Baltimore County demonstrated a 14% error rate in voter rolls! In addition, there exists 119,031 registered, yet inactive voters since the 2014 gubernatorial primary race. These errors cost Baltimore County residents nearly $1.5 million dollars per year of their $9.5 million annual FY2023 budget. Federal law requires that local BOE’s take active steps to remove these inactive voters after two federal elections. Our current Baltimore County director has been on the job now for two years. We are working closely with the director to clean up the voter rolls in Baltimore County.

Baltimore County residents agree with the Rasmussen surveys conducted in the Fall of 2022 that US Voters were 80% concerned about Election Integrity and 75% were concerned about Election Cheating. Due to this high level of concern the Baltimore County Election Integrity Group (BCEIG) was formed and has been diligently working with BOE to clean up the voter rolls.

You can be a part of the solution to fix our election systems. We encourage all Baltimore County citizens to actively participate in BOE monthly meetings. Please join us in person monthly or by signing on monthly to the virtual meeting at:

Eleven months from now: Thursday, May 2, 2024 Early Voting begins, will you help us to work with our BC BOE to make sure our voter rolls are accurate to ensure we have a free and fair election in Baltimore County? We need your help and support, NOW.

Sign up here to join us in our goal for fair elections:

Please state in Subject Line: Volunteer Sign Up

Karen Tully RWBC Reporter interviews Jean Benhoff about Election Integrity:

Karen Tully RWBC Reporter interviews Ginny Deise about Election Integrity:

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