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Maryland - Potential Campaign Finance Fraud and Money Laundering

By Delegate Lauren Airkan

Maryland Legislators have sent a letter to State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard, along with the Federal Election Commission, The Department of Justice, and the Maryland State Board of Elections, requesting an investigation into potential campaign finance irregularities. The allegations stem from a recent video released by James O’Keefe that appears to show massive contribution fraud by individuals in Annapolis. The video shows individuals asked if they had donated thousands to ActBlue. It alleges that over $200,000 was contributed in the name of one Maryland resident. Watch the James O'Keefe video here:  The letter urges State Prosecutor Howard to investigate this potential misconduct and take appropriate action against those responsible for wrongdoing. In addition, the legislators emphasize the importance of oversight and accountability in the political process, so they call for a prompt investigation. "Campaign finance irregularities are a serious matter that cannot be ignored. We must ensure that our political process remains fair and free of corruption, and any individuals responsible for such activities must be held accountable." - Delegate Matt Morgan said. Delegate Kathy Szeliga said, "It is essential that any potential misconduct be properly investigated and addressed. This reminds all elected officials of our obligation to ensure transparency and accountability in the democratic process." "The data is alarming and needs to be thoroughly investigated to ensure confidence in our elections. Any wrongdoing must be exposed and addressed to the fullest extent of the law," said Delegate Nicholaus Kipke. The public is encouraged to contact their local representatives with questions and concerns.

The Issue at Hand See below the letter that I and several other conservative legislators sent to the Department of Justice, the Federal Election Committee, and the Special Prosecutor of the State of Maryland regarding the potential campaign violations of ActBlue.

Take action and call your state representative and find out what the heck is going on. To find your representative information and phone numbers, link here.

Campaign Fraud
James O'Keefe OMG Interviews Marylanders about Massive ActBlue Donations

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