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RWBC and PCA Show BCPS The Filth That Is In Local School Libraries

At the April 18 meeting of the Baltimore County Board of Education, RWBC President, Jolie McShane, first addressed the board about the decision to retain of Gender Queer and Lawn Boy by BCPS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Mary McComas. Ms. McShane points out the danger this poses to children by citing a FBI statistic that one out of every 7 children are sexually abused. In addition, the CDC reports that exposing these children to pornogrpahic materials is extremely detrimental that could cause weight issues, depression, and suicide. View her speech below or click here.

Jeff McDonald, Patriot Club of America founder, went a step further and read passages from Lawn Boy during his time presenting. Viewer discretion is advised. View below or click here.

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