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Ideas that Matter: RWBC's Trailblazing Year in Review

On a recent call, a past RWBC member said, “You ladies don’t do anything.”

WHAT? Are you not on our mailing list?

What other politically active local group sponsored 28 meetings and events? Meetings with national figures like Economist E.J. Antoni (a regular on Steve Bannon’s War Room), Congressman Andy Harris and Clare Lopez, a national security expert. We held eight movie nights and two hot topic “pop-up” meetings. Every year we participate in the Towson 4th of July parade, work at the State Fair and attend the highly popular “Women on Target”. This past member re-instated her membership, by the way!

Giddy up gals, RWBC is on fire in Baltimore County.

Beyond meetings and events, RWBC members actively engaged in the 2023 Maryland Legislative process. Creating over 21 action-oriented legislative memes, testifying in Annapolis, making calls, and sending emails. In addition, the club submitted five legislative proposals for 2024, demonstrating a commitment to shaping policy and influencing statewide lawmaking.

RWBC's social media presence emerged as a force to be reckoned with in 2023 these outstanding statistics showcase our communication skills. The club effectively utilized 11 online platforms to disseminate information, engage with the community, and promote its initiatives. Never shy to appear on the local radio shows, television news and in newspaper articles, members stand strong in their beliefs and willingness to speak up.  Recent articles highlighted the TOP 10 Original Blogs, the TOP 5 Videos for 2023 and What’s Behind RWBC’s Facebook 2023 Success?  

Our impressive statistics below revealing the Republican Women of Baltimore County’s ability to spread ideas that matter.

Successful fundraising initiatives undertaken by the Caring for America Committee raised an impressive $10,000, showcasing the members' dedication to supporting Baltimore County non-profits that matter. Recognizing the importance of supporting Baltimore County non-profit organizations, RWBC collaborated with other Republican organizations; The Patriot Club of America and the Central Baltimore County Republican Club. Together, these groups raised funds for the J6 Families ($17,000), active-duty soldiers through the non-profit Angels Supporting Your Troops and for the Lost Voices of Fentanyl Foundation.

In addition to political activism, our members were involved in various committees, making a positive impact wherever they went. Their multifaceted approach to community engagement demonstrated a commitment to creating meaningful change.

In 2023, the Republican Women of Baltimore County greatly increased their level of activity showcasing a year of significant achievements in political engagement, community service, and fundraising for noble causes.

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