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Congressman Andy Harris on Election Integrity, Hamas Atrocities, Biden Administration Inflation

November 18, 2023 Guest Speaker for the Republican Women of Baltimore County

Delegate Kathy Szeliga's introduction of Congressman Andy Harris at November meeting provided intriguing insights into the man behind the title. Her "Top 10 Lots of Things Andy Harris" was an engaging and humorous revelation of facts about the medical doctor and mechanic turned congressman. The line that brought the most laughs was “When someone asks what is a woman? Dr. Harris knows how to answer that!”

Moving beyond the humor, Congressman Harris, drawing from his inside political knowledge, expressed concerns about "Bidenomics." He contends that Americans, facing noticeable increases in grocery prices and electric bills, are disillusioned with the economic policies of the current administration. Americans go to the grocery store and see the 25% increase in goods, we open our electric bills and see a 50% increase! Even Biden advisors are recommending dropping the term Bidenomics because the Biden economic policies are clearly failing.

The hair brained scheme of the Biden Administration somehow thinks that taxpayer funded offshore wind turbines is going to make America great. Congressman Harris said the opposite will happen and it will empower our enemies, China and Russia. Energy is the bedrock of every successful nation, and the Biden Administration has surrendered our energy sovereignty. President Trump will turn this around when he gets back into office.

Out of control spending in Washington is also a factor for the US economy. Currently the largest budget item on our balance sheet is interest payments. Last year we borrowed 2.4 trillion dollars which we eventually must pay back. Our interest payments will exceed 1 trillion dollars a year! This amount exceeds the budgets of all other government departments. No one will purchase our Treasury Bonds and therefore this sets up our nation for out-of-control inflation.

Switching gears to international affairs, Harris shared his shock at the brutality witnessed in videos of Hamas attacks in Israel. He criticized the perceived lack of a meaningful relationship between the Biden Administration and the Israeli Prime Minister during these troubling times. The behind-the-scenes story of the Biden Administration and its non-relationship with the Israeli Prime Minister is shameful. Understand the details of this war starting at 21:30 – 32:00 minutes on the live feed of the meeting found on Facebook.

Culture wars, the left allows boys to compete against girls. Congressman Harris voiced opposition to the Biden Administration's stance on allowing boys to compete against girls in sports, citing potential physical imbalances and risks to female athletes This is an easy win for conservatives and Republicans, everyone knows that boys are physically stronger than girls. In addition, these girls will lose their scholarships and advancements in all sports, parents will wake up when their child is affected.

Election integrity emerged as another focal point, with Harris highlighting issues in Maryland's voter rolls, including instances of ballots being sent to incorrect addresses and a lack of signature verification in Baltimore County. He stressed the importance of citizen groups cross-checking voter rolls to prevent fraud. Congressman Harris is like so many other Marylanders receiving ballots at their homes for people who do not live there. Why are Maryland’s voter rolls such a mess? The only way to be removed from the rolls is to call and write to the Board of Elections to alert them of your move. This is ridiculous! All of Congressman Harris’ children have moved, yet their ballots still show up in his mailbox. Worse yet, signatures are not verified in Baltimore County, this is how fraud occurs. Citizen groups must publicize this, we must cross check the voter rolls. In 2014 Andy Harris’ Democratic opponent voted twice, once in Florida and once in Maryland.

The Q&A session covered various topics, including voter ID, illegal immigration, border patrol, Ukraine funding, Trump indictments, the administrative state and more.

Listen to the full presentation here.

Additionally, an informative interview with Congressman Andy Harris conducted by RWBC Reporter Karen Tully covers Moody's downgrade of the US rating, the Omnibus bill, Israel, Biden family corruption, the threat of terrorism in the US, and remarks on returning COVID mandates. Contact Congressman Harris at #CongressmanHarris

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