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Introducing the “2023 Top 5 Watched Videos” curated by the Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC), our community is no stranger to engaging with controversial subjects that garner widespread attention. The Communications Committee has diligently crafted a collection of informational interviews, recorded incidents, and general information videos that delve into pressing issues of our time. Last year's lineup covers a broad spectrum, ranging from the somber reality of United States fentanyl deaths to practical guidance on testifying in Annapolis. However, what captivates our audience the most are the top videos that shed light on the contentious issue of pornographic books infiltrating our public schools.

To compile our list of top-watched videos, we meticulously tracked viewership across both the RWBC YouTube Channel and Rumble Channel video platforms. It is important to note that YouTube's stringent "Community Guidance" rules extend far beyond explicit content, encompassing a range of contentious topics such as J6, election accuracy, CoVid, and more. Despite these challenges, our commitment to open discourse remains unwavering, and we invite you to explore these thought-provoking videos that tackle the critical issues shaping our society.

#5 How to Testify in Annapolis Maryland?

Short and simple process to sign up to testify for upcoming legislation in Annapolis. Creating an account is the first easy step, we walk you through the process. We discuss how to track upcoming bills, how and when to sign up to testify. The Maryland General Assembly needs your voice to help decide on upcoming legislation. In today's world, a trip to Annapolis is no longer required, Zoom testimonials are also fair game. Testify from your comfy living room. Maryland General Assembly has created a great login and bill tracking process. Listen in and find out how to make your voice heard. #legislation #Maryland

#4 Pornographic Books in Baltimore County Schools - Patriot Club of America President Jeff McDonald

Baltimore County Public Schools April 18, 2023 citizen comment by President of the Patriot Club of America. Pornographic and obscene materials do not belong in our schools. RATED MATERIAL although available in high schools, children should not listen to this presentation.

#3 Parent Reads Assassination Classroom to BCPS School Board

Aware of rising school violence, a Baltimore County parent reads from Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui. This graphic novel realistically depicts students to use guns to kill their teachers. Such a suggestive book should not be in 13 BCPS school libraries, but it is as of now. There are many other books containing content that is sexually explicit, obscene, and graphic in BCPS school libraries. Parents and citizens alike are stepping up to protect our children!

#2 Lost Voices of Fentanyl – Maryland Federation of Republican Women Presentation

Karen Tully, RWBC Reporter and Speaker Topics discussed the Crisis of Fentanyl Deaths and the Foundation Victims of “Lost Voices of Fentanyl” and Disaster at our Borders, Border 911. Karen Tully’s speech was presented to the members of the Maryland Federation of Republican Women at the fall conference this past November.

#1 Pornographic Books in Our Schools – Baltimore County Public Schools

At the April 18 meeting of the Baltimore County Board of Education, RWBC President, Jolie McShane, first addressed the board about the decision to retain the books Gender Queer and Lawn Boy by BCPS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Mary McComas. Ms. McShane points out the danger this poses to children by citing a FBI statistic that one out of every 7 children are sexually abused. CDC reports that exposing these children to pornographic materials is extremely detrimental causing weight issues, depression, and suicide.

Republican Women of Baltimore County support our Constitution's First Amendment, the Right to Free Speech which allows open discourse. We invite you to explore these thought-provoking videos and leave comments.

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