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Republican Women Baltimore County's Facebook Page Soars to New Heights 2023

What’s Behind RWBC’s Facebook 2023 Success?

The Republican Women of Baltimore County's (RWBC) Facebook page has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity throughout 2023, showcasing the dedication and hard work of the Social Media Committee, led by the dynamic Chair, Karen Tully. The statistics speak for themselves, revealing an unprecedented level of engagement and interaction within the community.

Impressive Statistics:

10,000 Average Monthly Views: The page consistently captures the attention of a diverse audience, highlighting the effectiveness of RWBC's communication strategy.

150,000 Views in 2023: A staggering number that underscores the growing influence and reach of RWBC's online presence.

4,500 Posts: A testament to the commitment of the Social Media Committee in keeping the page vibrant and engaging.

93 Live Feed & Interviews: The live interactions further connect the community, fostering a sense of unity among RWBC members.

If those numbers surprise you, look at what went viral!

1.      Interview with April Babcock, Founder of LVOF: Karen Tully's poignant interview with April Babcock, posted multiple times with over 2,000 views, stands out as a testament to the depth and sincerity of RWBC's content. Explore the emotional conversation about the Fentanyl crisis in United States.

2.    Support for January 6 Political Prisoners: Controversial, yet extremely important is RWBC’s support for the families of the January 6 Political Prisoners. These prisoners are being held without due process, this is a clear and simple violation of our basic rights in United States. Although the left tried many times to shut down the fundraising efforts of both RWBC and the Patriot Club, we stood strong and succeeded in raising over $15,000. The LIVE Feed was available for all to watch (including the left BTW) and the family’s stories are very sad. This should not be happening in the United State of America! Over 700 views

3.      CPAC 2023 Attendance and President Trump's Address: A large group of Republican Women from Baltimore County attended CPAC 2023, capturing the excitement of seeing President Trump. The live feed, with over 650 views, provides an exclusive glimpse into this memorable event.


Grieving mother Rebecca Kiesling lost 2 sons who took “ONE FAKE PERCOCET”. In the midst of a torrential storm Lost Voices of Fentanyl parents, family, friends and Karen Tully dedicated Reporter attended the rally to “SAVE OUR YOUTH”.


5.      Tribute to Republican Jay Whalton: In a heartfelt tribute to the late Jay Whalton, RWBC posted a short video acknowledging his significant contributions to the pro-life movement in Baltimore County. Express gratitude for Jay's impactful life journey


RWBC's Facebook page continues to be a hub of information, engagement, and community building. As they enter the new year, the Social Media Committee, under the leadership of Karen Tully, shows no signs of slowing down, promising an exciting and dynamic online presence for RWBC in 2024 and beyond.

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