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Vaccine Mandates Have Legal Consequences

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

The Reagan Club of Baltimore County featured Middleton Evans as a speaker on Tuesday January 4th to discuss his letter to a local private school placing the Board of Directors “On Notice”. The outcome of his letter may or may not have produced results, however within 2 days the school’s Board of Directors reversed their decision on vaccine mandates for the children of this private school.

Middleton Evans’ letter has generated high interest for other private school parents to follow the same procedure. The letters can be found here along with the article published about his efforts.

“The groundswell of support for what Middleton has done has been overwhelming. His courage to be one of the first to stand up and demand accountability from the school is what was needed to start the dominoes to fall.”

$1,000,000 question, who is liable for injuries from an experimental drug? The vaccine companies are 100% exempt from liability under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). No one can sue for injuries. In addition, health insurance and life insurance companies are not obliged to cover any side effects (including death) from an experimental jab that people “voluntarily” took. As Middleton suggests, someone is going to have to pay all these medical bills. These are all experimental jabs and, if forced by business or school officials, then these board of directors/company owners will be liable.

Several resources were mentioned by Middleton Evans:

Richard Citizen Journalists – Follow on Telegram – School board members are bonded, ask for a FOIA request to see the oath, if the board is violating their oath, then we can file damages with the bond holders!

Recommended law firm: located in Ohio is leading the charge to file lawsuits nationwide.

Middleton Evans entire speech is available at RWBC Facebook LIVE:

Letter referred to in Middleton Evans’ speech:

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