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Un-Mandate the Schools

McDonogh School Board of Trustees Letter by Middleton Evans

Last week a letter was delivered to the McDonogh School Board of Trustees from one of their distinguished alumni regarding the unconstitutional mandating of vaccines for their students. In a matter of hours the document went viral and was shared far and wide. It had everyone asking, "Who is Middleton Evans and how can we help him?" Within a day, we were in contact with Middleton to get permission to share his letter with the Reagan Club members. He was more than receptive to our request and asked us to encourage everyone to share it to get the word out - not just to the community but the COUNTRY! To learn more about Middleton >>>CLICK HERE<<< By the time we reached Middleton, we informed him the letter had reached South Carolina, Texas, Florida, and many other states AND continues to be shared daily. His letter has set off a chain reaction within schools in the area and parents are rising up to protest the use of unconstitutional mandates in any form, whether it be masking the children or requiring vaccines. Today, RCBC Vice President Tony De Cesare was invited to speak about the letter and its impact on WCBM's Renegade Mom radio show with Michelle Christman. The groundswell of support for what Middleton has done has been overwhelming. His courage to be one of the first to stand up and demand accountability from the school is what was needed to start the dominos to fall. Two days after Middleton's letter, McDonogh sent a letter to all the parents stating:

"McDonogh will not require any additional students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before the end of this school year. For the 2022-2023 school year, we anticipate that all students who are or become eligible will be required to be vaccinated within 60 days after full FDA approval for their age group."

His courage to stand up to the tyrannical mandates has forced the school to change course. This is proof that one person can elicit change and now we need to continue what he has started. THE MANDATES MUST BE REMOVED!!! There will be more to come from Middleton, so please familiarize yourself with his letter. You can access the letter by

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Wade Gowl
Wade Gowl
14 dec. 2021

McDonogh invested in 175 of the best air purifiers money can buy that eliminates these viruses as opposed to trying to protect yourself from them, a year ago. Maybe they didn't even realize that feature when they originally considered vaccine mandates

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