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I was born in Danville, Virgina and moved to Baltimore at age 13. I have 1 son, 4 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

I started my own business as a computer programmer in 1980 and continue to program for small businesses in the Baltimore area.

My passion is animals and I live on a small farm with horses, dogs, and cats.

I have voluteered for many years serving on the Maryland Horse Indudstry Board, creating the "Volunteer Mounted Patrol' program with Maryland State Parks, I served as Vice President of Gunpowder Vally Conservancy, and particpated in many horse clubs over the years.

I joined RWBC because I felt helpless to do something about where this country is headed. RWBC gives me and others the voice to be heard as conservative citizens and to associate with like minded women. I enjoy the monthly meetings and the speakers that the RWBC cointue to provide.

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