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‘Absolutely Forbidden’ to Give COVID-19 Jabs to Children Jewish Court Rules

In New York City, a Hasidic Rabbinical court ruled that “it is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this (COVID-19) injection to children, adolescents, young men or women.

The ruling comes after testimonies from experts and firsthand accounts from Jews who suffered adverse reactions from the injections.

Dr. Robert Malone was among the experts who participated in the hearing. Watch Dr. Malone’s testimony on Rumble: Check out this link to listen to other speakers that include

Dr. Christiane Northrup and Mr. Thomas Renz.

LifeSiteNews reported on criticisms of the experimental COVID-19 jabs from the Halachic delineation:

The Halachic delineation also slammed “governmental agencies” that have “denied” the “tested and simple medications that have been successful in treating” COVID. The court also criticized the same agencies for promoting “fear, not health – despite the fact that they themselves were aware” that there are alternative early treatments.

The main area of concern for the Rabbinical court was harm to children and young people as a result of the COVID jabs, as well as potential harm that could result from unknown long-term effects.

In addition, according the Jewish group, it is prohibited for women of the same Jewish denomination to intentionally practice “sterilization or preventing fertility.” Due to concerns about what the jab might do to fertile women – including risks of severe blood-clotting – “it is forbidden for them to take this injection.”

The court also implored “all healthy adults who are of child-bearing age” to “stay away” from the abortion-tainted jab.

In addition to forbidding and cautioning against the shot for children and youth, the court warned that “further clarification is needed” for administering the jab to the elderly. The ruling referred to “breakthrough cases” as evidence that “there is no substantial difference between those who receive the mRNA [jab] and those who did not.” And “the number of COVID patients are about the same, comparatively, in both demographics.”

The court also called out the misleading statistics purported by governmental agencies that hide the accurate number of adverse reactions and breakthrough cases.

For example, the CDC’s labeling of anyone who died from COVID-19 complications within 14 days of their 2nd dose as “unvaccinated.”

LifeSiteNews with the court’s conclusion:

The Rabbinical ruling concluded with a condemnation of what they called an attempt to “coerce employees, etc. to receive” the jab. The court cited Leviticus 19:14, which reads: “Thou shalt not speak evil of the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind … ” It is the opinion of the court that “assisting or enabling a person to violate a transgression” is how the verse should be interpreted in light of the COVID jab coercion scenario.

The court blasted any attempt to provide “verbal encouragement,” “bribes” and “verbal pressure” as examples of transgressing biblical morality.

Common sense won in this court.

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