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On a mission to improve and enhance life quality, relief from pain, health, well-being and joy with a sense of vibrant youth!

[As an FYI, I have 41 and 43 degrees of "Severe Scoliosis". In 1993, having been told by orthopaedic specialists that if I wanted to walk when I was older I needed to cease and desist my aerobic activity (Classical Ballet) - at age 40, not wanting to give up what gave me joy, I ignored that advice. Approximately 4 years later when I found myself in acute, chronic and persistent pain - I knew I had to do something, and to change my ways. I spent more than a year, nearly 6 days a week, in physical therapy and did not improve. My spine was in a "Z", and a constant spasm. In the summer of 1998, I discovered Pilates - which was what I call The Magic that took me out of pain, and put me, a "Humpty Dumpty", if you will - back together again. I immediately became passionate to the work, and committed to teaching it!]

I trained predominantly privately approximately 900 hours with a Physiotherapist who created a Pilates Teacher Mat and Reformer Course so that I could teach for her in her practice. This Course later became authorized as a Physical Therapy CEU. After completing the Certification I taught for 2 more years in that physical therapy practice - then founded Studio1 Pilates n Movement, LLC, 03/02.

In 2019, at age 66, I can still share, I am healthy, strong, vibrant, supple, pain free and committed to the work of Pilates.

Join me for private Pilates sessions, classes, or both - or for Reiki Sessions or Training, or CranioSacral Therapy, Richway Amethyst BioMat sessions & sales.

Decorated carpeted 13x15'-ish treatment room with a massage table. Studio itself is 22x22', has 2 fully mirrored walls, and is carpeted as well.

Want a location for your complimentary practice, and or grow your practice? Proof of license and insurance required. Rent is per hour. Time are blocks available to use week-over-week for long, or short term. 410-321-4912

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