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What Happened to the Children’s Book Sam and the Trump Hat?

By Author Reva Beck aka Rebecca Chesner

It was back in June of 2015 when I got together with my liberal good friend and colleague for dinner. Even though we were on opposite sides of the political spectrum this friend was a classic liberal from the old days who though she usually did not agree with my political beliefs she declared that she would fight to the end for the right for me to express them. During our meal I asked her what she thought of Donald Trump announcing his run for the presidency earlier that day. She proceeded to laugh and said it was all a joke and that he would never be taken seriously and would never win. I respectfully disagreed and said that I believe he will be our next President of the United States. Little did I know then how divided and chaotic this country would become over his Presidency. Little did I know then how increasingly tyrannical our government would become in it’s attempt to keep him from doing his job as well as from running again. Little did I know then how the government and the media that works for them would increasingly use propaganda to polarize our nation and target those who supported President Trump.


As a school psychologist working in the public school system, I can tell you that when Trump was elected back in 2016, it did not get the same reaction in the schools as when the previous President Obama was elected back in 2008 and 2012. Back then, the atmosphere in the schools was euphoric with parties and cheering in the halls. Everyone gathered to hear Obama’s acceptance speech in their classrooms and auditoriums. When Trump won several years later, it was met by feelings of devastation and silence. Anyone who voted for Trump whispered congratulations behind closed doors. As psychologists we were advised to check on the students who may have been feeling “traumatized” by this new president. The labeling of Trump and his supporters as racists and white supremacists was common. I had one student tell me that he heard Trump hates Blacks and wants to send them back to Africa and make them slaves again. It was a difficult time to watch how propaganda spewing forth on the media 24/7 was taking its toll on both adults and children.


The term Trump Derangement Syndrome was born as the growing irrational outrage and aggression displayed by the Left towards Trump led to the deterioration of civility, rationality and just plain common sense. Interestingly as the Left continued to demonize those on the right, it was the Trump supporters who had to walk around in fear of being attacked by an increasingly angry leftist mob. After reading two stories about grown adult women attacking children for wearing Trump hats, I came up with the idea for my children’s book called Sam and the Trump Hat. I always loved writing and storytelling. In fact, as a school psychologist I used storytelling a lot to convey positive messages to the children that I worked with. Children love stories and there’s a lot that can be learned from a good story.


My intention for writing the book was to tell the story from a child’s point of view and teach messages of respect for diversity of thought and opinion, treating each other with kindness and respect as well as valuing patriotism in our country. Sam the main character in my book is eight years old. He is a precocious young man who loves history and has a poster of all the U.S. Presidents on his bedroom wall. He becomes an avid supporter of President Trump after his father takes him to a Trump rally. He is very excited when he gets a brand new beautiful Trump hat for his birthday but is shocked that when he wears it he is attacked and called a racist by a bully. Sam’s two best friends are Latino and Black who are also upset by the attack.  Sam’s mother, who acknowledges that she did not vote for Trump in the last election, is also upset and saddened by the attack and bullying against Trump supporters. Though she did not vote for him, she acknowledges that he was a good president that really cares about the citizens of this country. This is a sweet reading pleasure as Sam and his two friends figure out how to deal with what happened. I really think this story can open up a dialogue with children about freedom, an honest election process, having respect for diversity of thought and opinion, treating others respectfully even when you don’t agree with them and of course patriotism.


After reading the story to my grandchildren who loved it, my son said to me, “Hey Mom, I think you got something here, you may want to consider publishing this”. I subsequently got in touch with a friend of mine who is a successful graphic artist. He loved the story as well and did the beautiful illustrations. However, he was nervous about having his name on the book because of the hostile climate in our country. He advised me to use a pseudonym as well which I did until now. The book was released in November of 2020 and I was so sure that Trump was going to be in the White House again for the next four years but sadly that was not to be. (Though I am hoping he will win in 2024). I did send him several copies of the book though, for him and his children and grandchildren. I subsequently received a thank you letter from President Trump which I framed and have hanging in my dining room and which I treasure very much. Getting this book in stores and libraries has not been easy because of the title, though it is available online on Amazon, and other fine retailers. Facebook did not accept my book for advertising for two years until 2023 due to a ban on any item with Trump’s name on it.


In February I decided to donate the proceeds from my book to two fundraisers held by Patriot Club USA and the Republican Women of Baltimore County for the J6 prisoners and their families. I have been an avid supporter of these political prisoners who have been targeted by an increasingly tyrannical government who does not like Trump supporters. Most of these prisoners have been given long sentences for simply attending a rally to peacefully protest a rigged election process.  They have lost their jobs, time with family, friends and homes. Some are in solitary confinement and have had their health compromised. It is heartbreaking because it is so un-American and unconstitutional.


My mother escaped Poland right before WWII broke out. Many of my extended relatives were killed off in that war due to hateful propaganda and tyranny. It’s important to realize that tyrannical governments do not happen overnight. It takes years and when people are silent it enables the corruption and evil to take place. Unfortunately, we see how hateful propaganda can ruin lives even here in the United States. We must not be silent and continue to stand up and speak out for the freedom of these political prisoners. I am hoping that my book as well will open up a discussion with children about issues of freedom, patriotism, dangers of propaganda, and respect for diversity of thought and opinion. You can watch my interview with Louise Baker, President of RWBC about the book on I want to thank both Louise Baker and Jolie McShane for their support and all the wonderful work they do at RWBC.


Rebecca Chesner


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