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They are Scared of Us!

(President Jolie McShane's Speech 3.11.23)

I am sure EVERYONE in this room saw Tucker Carlson reveal the small amount of surveillance footage from J6. One Tucker Carlson Show and the Democrat Party, Mainstream Media and Biden Administration condemned what your “lying eyes saw”. Every news outlet was quick to downplay and refute what was clearly the truth about January 6th, then they claimed the video was cherry picked! Next the powers to be shut down FOX News from showing any additional surveillance video from J6.

What we witnessed was how scared the deep state is of us, the American Citizens. Us Americans who believe in freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and freedom of religion as these are our GOD given rights.

What happened on the national stage is also happening here locally. Our esteemed Democratic legislators in Annapolis have proposed House Bill 1075 to establish a Maryland Office of Domestic Terrorism. In this bill there is no clear definition of Domestic Terrorism. Kate Sullivan testified against this bill last week, you must see this for yourselves to believe what is going on in Annapolis.

On the local level, my Democrat Senator Shelly Hettleman, Dana Stein and Jon Cardin held a town hall this past Monday (see article). Given that there were three representatives, one would think a large crowd would appear. Only 25 people showed up and two of us were Republicans! This speaks volumes, no fan club, no strong followers, where are their voters?

I brought pictures from Gender Queer and copies of the Maryland State Health Curriculum for 7th Graders that insists on teaching oral, anal and solo sex. My representative Shelly Hettleman literally turned her back on me and would not address my concerns about the sexualization of children in our schools. She was scared of me, they are scared of us!

Get on your representative’s mailing list, go to their townhalls, and make your voices heard…actually it is quite rewarding.

Movie nights are back, the next showing is March 28 at Ashland Café in Cockeysville. The movie The Shadow State was featured at CPAC, it received many accolades. Our next Saturday meeting is April 29 with a speaker from the Drug Enforcement Agency concerning Fentanyl and the poisoning of America’s Youth.

Action items are listed at our website, get involved and call our legislators to support or oppose the bills here: Thank you for making a difference!

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