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In Case You Missed It, Maryland Delegates Draw Small Audience in Lutherville

By Ruth Goetz Baltimore County Republican Central Committee District 2 Member at Large, Republican Nominee for State Senate District 11 2022

On Monday March 6, at the Stone Mill Café, Delegates Cardin, Stein and Senator Hettleman representing District 11 had a meet and greet. About 25 people in attendance eagerly listened to what our Maryland representatives feel are the most important issues to be made aware of.

The three top issues were Women’s Reproduction Rights (abortion), conceal carry restrictions, and cannabis use. The rape test kit has a new improved tracking system for the victim. Improved rail safety and increased green space were also mentioned. They have outlawed perverted sex laws and child sex abuse. They are improving cyber bullying for children against children with peace orders. Other bills include measures such as gun safety to protect children with more restricted gun laws, improving public transportation from the east side to the west side of the county. Senator Hettleman said, “It is attractive to live near the light rail.”

One of the attendees asked about the budget cuts to the BOOST program which benefited lower income family students in private schools. The governor is cutting 20 percent of a $10 million dollar program. The response was we strongly support public schools.

Another attendee asked about HB 283 Medial Assistance Program funding “Gender-Affirming Treatment” otherwise known as mutilation of the body. This bill includes children without age limits. Co-sponsor Cardin answered if the parents approve of the “treatment” then it is acceptable.

These politicians use double speak. On one side they are concerned about the welfare of our children and the other side is supporting the murder of unborn babies, body mutilation. Nothing was mentioned about the violence in schools, the low testing scores, and the many other problems in our schools. No mention of the increase in crime in our district and the new taxes being imposed on everyone. We know that the light rail in Timonium and Hunt Valley has brought more crime into the area. “It is really attractive to live near the light rail.” Let’s ask the elected officials how often they use public transportation? No mention of the plans for putting tolls on the beltway entrances making it more expensive for the car owners to drive locally.

Senator Hettleman said she has sponsored her limit of bills. She did not mention any of her favorites such as the SB785 Office of Domestic Terrorism. Who determines what a domestic terrorist is? It is time for us to let our elected officials know what is important to us. We cannot be silent as our county is being destroyed.

Voice your concerns:

Contact Shelly Hettleman or call (410) 841-3131

Contact Jon Cardin or call (410) 841-3054

Contact Dana Stein or call (410) 841-3527

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