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Republican Women of Baltimore County Cancels Twitter Account

Joining forces with other Conservatives, Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) has deleted their Twitter account and is moving to another platform. “We will not miss Twitter, it has long become a platform where biased censorship takes place. In addition, inappropriate language and attacks on Conservatives are consistently allowed by Twitter. No one wants to read foul language and negative narratives all the time,” said RWBC Social Media Committee Chair Jolie McShane. Twitter has the right to cancel Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts, in the same vein RWBC has the right to condemn these actions by closing @RWofBC. RWBC President Dee Hodges stated, “this goes both ways, Twitter cancels Donald Trump’s account we cancel our Twitter account.” The Republican Women are not alone, Twitter has faced worldwide condemnation of their actions to delete not only @realDonaldTrump but also the official @POTUS Twitter account. These actions have caused Twitter to lose 12% of their stock value and the toll continues. Each day Twitter sees mass numbers migrating away from their platform due to their actions. Various social media platforms are readily available to accommodate Twitter’s customers. The question remains, which one will be the future social media venue to replace Twitter?

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