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President Trump's CPAC 2023 Speech Summarized

By: Karen Tully, RWBC Reporter

"President Trump is rich and elite but he is not part of the politically rich and elite. That's why they want to destroy him." Karen Tully

President Trump, "I won’t be bought, “AMERICA FIRST, not globalization.” The first thing I’ll do is abolish the deep state!! I won’t raise Social Security to age 70, 75 and cut Medicare as the democrats propose. 250,000 Illegal Immigrants enter the country every month. Some are now living in Posh hotels while our homeless walk the streets. We are a country of “legal immigrants who can prosper.” We need to take care of ourselves.

We paid 140 billion dollars to Ukraine. Why isn’t NATO paying their share? I had “NO WARS" during my term.

I will stop the weaponization of the DOJ & FBI. They knew Russia was a hoax and that Hillary was involved. The fake media now admits it. Soon to be disclosed, what’s on Hunter’s laptop from hell? Biden crimes? A backlash is happening in the FBI because they don’t want to attack the American people and they know right from wrong. Many were against raiding my home in Mar A Lago. Prosecutors looked at 11 million documents including tax records and have found nothing, except a well built company. They are desperate to find something and destroy me because getting reelected is their worst nightmare.

I accomplished more than any other President during my term and have even greater plans. I will stop billions of dollars going to wars. I raised 440 billion from NATO,only 8 countries were paid up. I demanded they pay their fair share. I defeated ISIS. Russia didn’t take over any countries during my term. China didn’t threaten us during my term and now has eyes on Taiwan. I never allowed China and Russia to unite but now they are aligned and a nuclear armed Iran is a present danger. We were energy independent. If we were still energy

independent Russia wouldn’t have the money to attack Ukraine. Oil sales are making them rich. Biden is leading us to a war. 85 billion dollars of military equipment was left in Afghanistan by Joe Biden. 70,000 vehicles and 700,000 rifles and guns that they are now selling. We abandoned our allies and were disgraced. The worst part is our American soldiers were hurt and died. I'm warning of World War III if we don’t get Biden out. During my 18 month term NOT ONE SOLDIER WAS KILLED.

The Russian pipeline ended. I was the hardest on Russia but on day one Biden came in and approved the Russian pipeline and shut down American pipelines with his clean energy agenda and climate control.

I will finish the wall to protect our border. Biden took the wall away from Texas & Arizona. During my term human trafficking was at its lowest in 30 years. Now spies and terrorists are entering the country. To date, 50 terrorists have been apprehended. I will increase ICE and Border Control, apprehend illegal gangs in cities and support the police to do this. I will take down the Cartels. Stop the horrifying sexual human trafficking. I will send in federal assets to help cities with rampant crime.

I will address the homelessness and failing cities. Washington DC is a mess. It’s embarrassing that dignitaries come in and see the homeless in tents.

I will abolish inclusion czars and ban all racial discrimination by the government. I will continue our 1776 commissions and fight for parental rights. I'll revoke laws for trans gender surgery for youth and keep men out of women’s sports

Inflation is out of control with Joe Biden. I’ll bring back jobs and trade again. I’ll save jobs and create trade policies that work for America. I’ll revoke China’s trade status and gain independence with American made products.

I will withdraw from the WHO ( World Health Organization ) again. China wasn’t paying their share at all so I withdrew. Biden got back in and paid 450 million dollars. China rules the WHO now.

They want all electric cars and to abolish fossil fuel. They want windmills, the most expensive energy that hurts the environment. We were energy independent and had

dominance that would have paid off debt and reduced taxes.

I work for fair elections so the people's choice is made. Watch Kari Lake to see fraud techniques and challenges.

I will build America again. I will give people the opportunity to buy homes. We will name buildings for great patriots. I will reclaim the deep state and stop the Marxism

ideology. We will not bend, we will not yield.


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