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Obvious Cases of COVID Data Fraud from the State of Maryland Department of Health

Health policy expert Matthew McBride clearly explains the COVID data manipulation by the State of Maryland’s Department of Health. Mr. McBride has an extensive resume, working with the Federal Pandemic Response Authority as well as working at the state level. Mr. McBride was the author of the federal government’s H1N1 After Action Report and was the point person for all US hospitals and physicians during the 2014 Ebola response.

Where exactly did the data fraud occur? Mr. McBride provided several examples:

1) COVID reporting switched overnight from reporting deaths to the number of cases. This was to keep the COVID narrative alive and well after the pandemic had peaked in May 2020.

2) The PCR test was never intended to diagnose for COVID. The PCR test is overclocked and picking up even non-disease-causing viral fragments, giving us bad COVID data.

3) CDC admitted in June 2021 that the PCR test cannot tell the difference between COVID and the flu.

4) The most obvious example of data fraud is the claim that “flu disappeared” in September 2021.

Mr. McBride addresses the vaccine passport issue and the masking of children in schools, and his opinion is quite interesting. Listen to this short interview by Jeremy Washington with TV Free Baltimore’s Maryland Politics.

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1 Comment

RWBC should be ashamed putting this false information on their website. Matt mcbride has no expertise, education, or experience in the claims he makes. He comes up with voodoo talking points….there is Not another person who would makes these same claims, thereby his “scientific” approach (if you can call it that) cannot be validated. This is misinformation at its worst. This will harm people. Please take this post down.

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