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By RWBC Member Jean Benhoff

As we stand on the precipice of a crucial electoral period, the Maryland Election Accuracy Group urgently calls upon our citizens. In less than 60 days, the Maryland Board of Elections, encompassing all 24 jurisdictions, will close and seal their voter rolls for the May 14, 2024 Primary. The rolls reopen until 90 days before the General Election, we have short windows of opportunity. Volunteers can work regardless of the “closures”. The integrity of our elections relies on accurate voter rolls, transcending political affiliations and governed by Maryland law.

Our mission is clear and time-sensitive: identify individuals on the Maryland Voter Rolls who, by both Federal and Maryland election laws, should no longer be listed before the rolls close on February 14.  This task is critical, timely, and judicious, aiming to fortify the foundation of fair, accurate, and valid elections across the state.

Ready to Protect Our 2024 Election? Your Help is Crucial

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist each of the 23 counties and Baltimore City Board of Elections in updating Voter Registration Lists in their respective jurisdictions. Utilizing a user-friendly data-based system, volunteers will undergo training and guidance to navigate pre-screened lists.

How to Participate? A Simple Call to Patriots

Equipped with nothing more than a passion for the cause and an internet-connected computer, you can play a pivotal role in this patriotic mission. Volunteers will create submissions on a specified website, to be submitted to the local Board of Elections for review and correction. Your contribution will supplement the efforts of the Boards of Elections, ensuring that Maryland law is followed and any invalid, erroneous, or duplicated voter registrations are corrected or removed.

Where and When: Your Time, Your Space

The beauty of this initiative is its flexibility. Work from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, and on your schedule. We are currently in the process of uploading all Maryland voter rolls, and the project will commence immediately, extending through to the November 2024 election until all assigned lists are thoroughly reviewed. Assistance and live training sessions via Zoom will be readily available, making it an inclusive effort for everyone. Those volunteers wishing to participate after the 2024 election in the continued maintenance of Maryland Voter Rolls are welcome and needed. You continue to use the same EagleAI software you have become comfortable with.  

Election Judges Needed: You will be a voter roll wizard by the time voting takes place, might as well sign up to be an election judge too! Check your county website and remember, this is a PAID position! Baltimore County citizens may call the elections office at 410-887-0982 or send email to:

Answer the Call – Secure Our Constitutional Republic!

This is not a mere suggestion but a call to action. Maryland's electoral integrity rests in the hands of its people. Join us in this critical mission to safeguard the 2024 elections. Your commitment to accuracy and fairness is the cornerstone of a robust democracy. Let's act together to ensure Maryland's elections remain a beacon of integrity.

Please respond by email to with “EAGLE” in Subject Line

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