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Maryland Primary July 19 - Vote Like Your Future Depends On It, Because It Does!

We have an incredible club of action-oriented members who want to see dramatic change in Maryland. We have been involved with multiple forums, many candidate interviews, supported fundraisers and most importantly door knocked for candidates. Below is a great resource guide for you to delve deeper into who are the candidates running for the July 19 primary. The primary is so important, this is your opportunity to put the right individual into office.

Maryland Governor’s Forum

The Patriot Club and RWBC held a Republican Governors debate on June 14, many candidates had the opportunity to introduce themselves at the beginning of the forum. Thank you to The Patriot Club for all your hard work. Check out the forum here:

Are you an America First voter? Qualified candidates are listed by county at this website:

Congressional District 2 (Baltimore County) Will Turn RED

Did you know that the redistricting of Baltimore County's Second Congressional District has lots of RED potential? Did you know of the 5 candidates running, all 5 are RWBC members? Did you miss the Second Congressional Forum held on June 21? We recorded it here so you can make the decision as to who is your favorite candidate:

Nicolee Ambrose

Berney Flowers

Lance Griffin

EJ McNulty

Dave Wallace

Johnny O has Got to GO!!!

…is the battle cry for the many Republican Candidates running for Baltimore County Executive. A forum hosted on June 9th presented the opportunity to meet all the candidates. If you missed it, we of course recorded it!

School Board Candidates

We have singled out school board candidates who are conservative leaning. This is a non-partisan position, so it is important YOU know who to vote for. Here are the conservative picks:

Cory Koons (Councilmanic District 1)

Rebecca Chesner (Councilmanic District 2)

Maggie Litz Domanowski (Councilmanic District 3)

J Michael Collins (Councilmanic District 4)

Julie Henn (Councilmanic District 5)

Candidate Interviews

RWBC reporter Karen Tully has been interviewing candidates for the past 6 months, many of these interviews can be found at our YouTube Channel:

RWBC Second Vice President Louise Baker has been interviewing potential candidates at TV Free Baltimore:

Tuesday July 19, 2022, please vote like your future depends on it, because it does!

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