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Lost Voices of Fentanyl and Border 911 Rally Washington, DC

Karen Tully, RWBC Reporter

It was with great passion to “Save Our Youth” that I attended the Lost Voices of Fentanyl, founded by April Babcock for her son who died from Fentanyl and Border 911 rally at the Washington Monument in Washington DC, 2023. One would not believe the depth of sorrow unless you walk among the thousands of parents who have lost children due to Fentanyl poisoning. Three hundred young adults and more children are dying, 300 youth dying daily and 200,000 plus in the last years. More young adults have been poisoned and died from Fentanyl than the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined. Just to give you a vision of the magnitude of deaths, our youth’s and children’s faces were on each banner. These the banners were 4 by 6 with 60 young adults and children’s faces on each banner, if they stretched across and football field, they would cover FORTY FOOTBALL FIELDS.

The day of the rally it was torrential rain and wind, but these grieving parents and Border 911 showed up to fight for our children and stop the poisoning of children. Fentanyl is more deadly than other drugs because unlike Heroin it is man made and can be mass produced with no controls. China is producing the Fentanyl substance and sending the product to the Mexican Cartels for distribution into the United States across the border.

This is the most important message to understand, Fentanyl the size of one grain of rice can a kill a person. Fentanyl the size of a sweet and low package can kill 500 people. The substance abuse community (formally called addicts) are dying at an alarming rate. What is disturbing, non-addicted kids who have “no substance abuse history are dying due to taking “ONE PILL.”’ You must understand these are FAKE PILLs. I interviewed many of the parents, their children did not have a substance abuse disorder, their children took ONE PILL: a XANAX, ONE PERCOCET or ONE ADDERAL and died immediately. FAKE FENTANYL PILLS look like legitimate prescription pills and can be sold and distributed online. WE MUST WARN EVERY CHILD OR YOUNG ADULT.

I had the privilege of interviewing the elite of Team Border 911: Tom Homan, team Founder and former Trump Acting Ice Director, Mark Morgan, Acting Commissioner of US Customs Border Protection, Jason Jones, Newsmax National Correspondent, who is advocating labeling Mexican Cartels “Terrorist Organization” and Derek Maltz, Retired DEA with 28 years’ experience, Newsmax National News Commentator. This team represents the elite experts in border control, international security and narcotics. I began each interview by asking these trained experts “Why are you here at the rally today?” Each had the same answer “I’m tired of seeing our kids poisoned and die.” The border is out of control, 250,000 cross the border every month. 1.6 million got aways over the last 36 months. They expect a 500% increase due to the drug being man made and mass produced. The DEA has labeled their campaign “ONE PILL KILLS."


Close the border and control the border.

Label Cartels, Terrorist Organization and Fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

WARN PARENTS AND CHILDREN. “Every parent should make their children watch the short documentary “Dead on Arrival.”

200,000 people died on 9/11 we went to war, 200,000 have been poisoned from Fentanyl. IT IS KILLING THE NEXT GENERATION. It is no longer “Just say No, it is “ONE PILL KILLS!”

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