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Let’s Bring JOY Back Into Our Schools – Rebecca Chesner School Board Candidate

Ms. Chesner is a mother, grandmother, and a retired school psychologist from the Baltimore City public school system. She is a passionate advocate for children and stands for bringing back transparency, academic excellence and common-sense policies to Baltimore. Ms. Chesner is running for District 2 School Board in Baltimore County Maryland.

Ms. Chesner discusses the current curriculum that endorses the sexualization of pre-K through third grade children. “It is inappropriate and unhealthy, it robs them of their innocence. These topics that are so controversial are better handled in our homes. One of the reasons we are seeing civil unrest is because our schools are not teaching civics, history and Americanism.”

Her four areas of focus with the theme “Education Without Politics”:

In the past 10 years we have seen a culture of lax discipline policies, “administrators need to be given permission to have rational and logical consequences for bad behaviors that impact the school climate. Does this mean we need to have alternative schools? That would be a good idea.”

The COVID lock downs, mandates and masks were a disaster for our children says Ms. Chesner. As a psychologist she has ideas on how to help the children overcome the fear from the COVID pandemic. She would like to introduce JOY back into these children’s lives! You will enjoy this interview.

Vote for Rebecca Chesner District 2 Baltimore County School Board.

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I have talked numerous times with my grandkids to determine if they are getting this “sexualized” curriculum. I also look over their books. At no time have I EVER heard of anything inappropriate while discussing with them. They are in Baltimore County. I also substitute taught in Anne Arundel county the last couple of years, and again I have NEVER seen or heard anything inappropriate on curriculum. I’m finding that the Republican party is getting reactionary with conspiracy. If you find something, how about talking it respectfully to the teacher, the principal, etc.? Disappointed by the full blown reactionary angry crowd that literally attacks before seeking to find out the truth. We have to do better.

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