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Legislators Care More About Gender Identification than A, B & C’s

HB0119 Proposes Gender & Sex Education for K-12

Why is the MD Legislature hell bent on sex and gender education? Why require every Maryland jurisdiction to follow the proposed “health” education framework that was created to indoctrinate our children? Why do they want to rob parents of the responsibility and joy of raising their own children with the values and morals of their family and of their faith? With failing schools, why not concentrate on A, B & C’s?

This destructive “health education” framework Bill HB0119 will make it mandatory to inflict the values of the STATE of Maryland, Howard, Montgomery and Prince Georges on the rest of the 21 traditional jurisdictions of Maryland. The text and the terminology of this HB0119 as written, is misleading, read for yourself the “framework”.

Parents Pulling their Children from Public School

Maryland’s 2021 public school enrollment of 853,307 is its lowest since 2015. The recent decline in public school enrollment is mainly due to COVID-19 and increased home-schooling of students.

Decisions such as indoctrinating children to gender studies, oral sex, AIDs and more is just chasing children into private and Christian schools or frankly parents to move south to moderate states. This then causes loss of funding and frankly hurts the hundreds of thousands children in MD public schools. Your plan hurts all Maryland students. Only a 3-4 jurisdictions in Maryland would ever agree with this bill HB0119 if they knew the details in this indoctrination FRAMEWORK.

This proposed bill is immoral, oppressive to most of Maryland’s families and beliefs. This is unacceptable and horrific legislation. Do NOT move HB0119 to committee and immediately withdraw HBO119.

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