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Good News, California and Maryland Both Experience Huge Homeschooler Increase

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Speaker Colleen Onorato January 14, 2023

After questioning the school’s teaching methods, the elementary school principal advised Ms. Onorato to “leave the teaching to us”. Eleven years ago, this answer was unacceptable, and Ms. Onorato decided to homeschool her four children. Since then, she has never looked back, this was the best decision for her family.

“Given what is being taught in the schools today, I am thankful my children are not exposed to the woke ideology, the pushing of a radical left agenda to confuse our kids about their gender, encouraging children to be sexually active, heralding BLM and making the children ashamed of being white. This is child abuse and liberal indoctrination. The schools are brainwashing our youth! It is up to us parents to take our schools back or take our children out of the system,” explained Ms. Onorato.

Just like California, the Democrats have control in Maryland and are pushing this nonsense. We have a woke teachers union running the show in Maryland and if things don’t change now, it will get worse. The number of children with gender dysphoria and serious mental issues is on the rise. Schools are failing our children plain and simple.

Parents across the nation are opting out of public schools mostly due to the forced masking and vaccine mandates. Currently Baltimore County has 5,720 homeschoolers, an increase of 2500 since 2019. The state of Maryland has 44,931, with an increase of 17,000 since 2019. California homeschoolers increased from 35,000 in 2019 to 86,000 in 2022 and continues to rise. Many are discovering that homeschooling is the way to go.

Interested in looking into homeschooling? Maryland public schools have a step-by-step process to assist the parents in the application process.

Supporting Organizations

Umbrella homeschool organizations assist the parents with the process, Ms. Onorato is Managing Director of Sequoia Homeschool Umbrella. The Umbrella group will perform the required student assessments versus the State of Maryland. Most parents opt for the umbrella group. A list of supporting umbrella groups can be found here: Maryland State Department of Education Nonpublic Schools (

“Homeschooling is amazing, we are strong network of families that share teaching, field trips and social outings. Some homeschool groups create teaching “pods” others will work more independently. It is whatever works best for the child and family.”

Ms. Onorato suggests Maryland citizens get involved in the legislative process by writing letters, making phone calls but most importantly on a hot topic be sure to testify in Annapolis. “How to Testify in Annapolis” is a 15-minute YouTube training session OR register a myMGA account here:

Listen to Ms. Onorato's speech at the 46 minute mark:

Ms. Colleen Onorato is the Chief of Staff for Delegate Lauren Arikan, a business owner, Key Coordinator for the Sequoia Homeschool Umbrella and mother of four homeschooled children!

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