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COVID–19 Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Update - University of Maryland Lead Attorney Jennifer Lester

What is the status of the lawsuit against the University of Maryland mandating all students be vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 Vaccine? Attorney Jennifer Lester will lead you through her journey of discovery of what really happened prior to these mandates. How nations around the world fell into the “emergency orders” which granted power to governments never seen before. Her research led to understanding how all the states and countries in the world had similar legislation. This research as led her to some astounding conclusions.

A life-long resident of Maryland, Jennifer Lester has operated her own law practice since 2007 and has represented individuals and businesses throughout the Baltimore/Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Jennifer Lester has focused her practice on representing individuals in family law matters, as well as developed a diverse litigation practice.

Prior to entering the legal field, Jennifer Lester worked as a community organizer and obtained a Master’s in Community Planning. Throughout her life, Jennifer Lester has been involved in political activism rooted in the legacy of the civil rights movement. Since Maryland entered a State of Emergency in March 2020, Jennifer Lester has been monitoring and researching the impact of the continuing State of Emergency on the constitutional rights of Maryland citizens.

During these unprecedented times, Jennifer Lester is shifting the focus of her practice to protecting constitutional rights, including the right to medical privacy and freedom. Jennifer Lester is committed to defending the individual and constitutional rights of all citizens to be free to pursue a life of their choice.

Authored by Ms. Lester, “Can the Government Force You to Be Vaccinated Against Your Will?” provides excellent insight into Maryland’s Law.

A great interview of Ms. Lester at TV Free Baltimore:

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