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Congressman Andy Harris Joins RWBC to Discuss theCrisis in Ukraine and Your Gas Tank

RWBC Generously Donates to Samaritan’s Purse Refugee Operations in Ukraine

Maryland Congressional Representative Andy Harris took time on March 25th to answer questions about the crisis in Ukraine and to discuss our nation’s “self-imposed” gas crisis. Rep. Harris is the lone Republican Congressman from Maryland and is also the Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus. Rep. Harris is the son of a Ukrainian mother who fled communist Eastern Europe following World War II.

Congressman Harris expressed his frustration with the Biden Administration’s lack of action which could have prevented much of this bloodshed had they kept the Trump-era sanctions on Nord Stream II (rather than removing them). Nord Stream II is the pipeline transporting Russian oil to Northern Europe. Congressman Harris issued a statement stating that the Biden Administration should have “instituted severe economic sanctions including exclusion from the SWIFT system earlier and stepped-up American energy production to bring down the price of oil that funds the Russian economy.” Congressman Harris also stated that “he remains steadfast in his support of Ukraine in the face of the illegal, immoral, and unprovoked Russian invasion and fully supports the continued provision of lethal military aid to the country, enabling them to defend their sovereign territory”.

The real problem here at home is the Biden Administration has “handcuffed the fossil fuel energy production in this country…President Biden put a pause on oil and gas exploration, land leases, drilling on federal lands, ANWR leases and halted the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.” The outcome of course is less output here in United States leaving us dependent on other countries for oil and gas. Add the crisis in Ukraine and our already inflated gas prices saw a dramatic increase.

The Zoom call with Congressman Harris concluded with a RWBC ACTION ITEM. As generous Americans, we selected Samaritan’s Purse Non-Profit to help refugee operations in Ukraine and Poland. Donations were collected from members of the club, as well as a donation directly from the RWBC.

Congressman Andy Harris Discusses the Ukraine Crisis with the Republican Women of Baltimore County

Attendees at the Congressman Harris Zoom call discussing the Ukraine Crisis.

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