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Choose Wisely Do Not Vote for “Teacher Recommended” Candidates

Generations past have fond memories of teachers from childhood. Parents knew that teachers not only held the same values as the community and families, but they also taught those values and honored them. Unfortunately, today, we cannot say the same. Teacher unions, as well as a select group of teachers and administrators no longer support those traditional values. In fact, they have introduced curricula and created an environment, which supports the transgender movement and Critical Race Theory. Those teachers and administrators are indoctrinating and grooming children, as young as preschool, with an LGBTQIA+ sex ed agenda, while confusing students with talk of pronouns and in many cases causing irreversible damage.

In this election, we, who hold on to traditional values, can make a difference by voting. Do NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE who is endorsed by teachers or the teachers' unions. AND DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE who has an endorsement APPLE on their literature. A vote for such endorsements is equivalent to voting for transgender and critical race doctrine.

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