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Can’t Fix Potholes, But Can Fix an Entire Planet?

By Carol Frazier, Ocean Pines Maryland


I saw a meme on social media a few days ago that really got me thinking. It was:


“Statism - the belief that a group of people who can’t fix potholes can fix an entire planet.”


Now this is fairly simplistic, and of course most potholes do eventually (very eventually) get fixed, but I started wondering why so many Americans allow the government (at all levels) to dictate their life choices - such as the type of system with which they choose to heat and cool their homes, the type of appliances they can use, the cars they can buy.  There are so many examples of government incompetence and malfeasance - it can make your head spin.  To name a few:


As a nation we are almost $34,000,000,000,000.00 in debt (a figure which does not include unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare).  Of that amount, easily several trillion is due to the aforesaid “incompetence and malfeasance”, such as the theft of as much as $80 billion - or about 10% - of the $800 billion handed out in the CoVid Relief plan known as the Paycheck Protection Plan, or PPP.  That money purchased a lot of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Teslas, mansions, private jet flights and swanky vacations. That’s on top of the $90 billion to $400 billion believed to have been stolen from the $900 billion CoVid unemployment relief program - at least half taken by international fraudsters. (See March 28, 2022).


Another example of incompetence is the budget of the Dept. of Homeland Security which, according to “Budget-in-Brief FY 2023” at, easily exceeds $95 billion this year.  I don’t know about you, but the fact that at least 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border in the least three years, unvetted, unvaccinated, and handed cell phones and welfare exceeding the average unemployment benefit for Americans with an order to show up in immigration court in the future (at this point the date is 2031) and then put on busses and planes and shipped all over the country, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in our government experts.


For other examples of waste, fraud and abuse, you can read the “Festivus Report” by Senator Rand Paul.  If you dare.


And then there’s the $7.5 billion in funding for the manufacture of EV battery chargers in the 2021 “Infrastructure Bill” - to date, not one charger has been built.  This is really unbelievable malfeasance seeing as more and more states (including Maryland) are following California’s example of green policy that requires that a huge percentage of cars sold in the state must be electric vehicles within the next 10 - 12 years ( 12/05/23).


On a more local level, how about that 2024 Baltimore City Department of Public Works “A Sustainable Baltimore” calendar printed and distributed to city residents at taxpayer expense?

The calendar omits October 22nd and adds an extra day (the 31st) to both September and November. ( 


Have you ever driven into our Nation’s Capitol on US Rt. 50?  Are you embarrassed by the trash and weeds on the sides of the road?  This is the first impression many visitors have of Washington, D.C.  Where are the Departments of Public Works for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Prince George’s County? All of these jurisdictions proudly tout their “Green” bona fides on their websites.  I’m sorry, but trash and weeds don’t say “green”’ to me, they say incompetent, uncaring, fraudulent waste of taxpayer funds, etc.


The threats from the “experts” about climate change are becoming more dire and terrifying all the time. In the United Kingdom, citizens are being warned that humans are fueling Global Warming just by BREATHING. And Al Gore’s latest hysteria is warning that “a billion climate refugees could be crossing borders” if we don’t do as he says.


What do you think this kind of teaching in our schools to impressionable young people is doing to their psyches?  No wonder our young people are so troubled.


I simply do not understand why so many people believe government “experts” who can’t manage to keep track of trillions of dollars, won’t manage our border, can’t design an accurate calendar or fix potholes and keep the streets free of weeds and debris (in some of our major cities that ‘debris” includes human feces and used needles).


Can anyone help me out here?

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