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Zuckerberg’s 2020 Illegal Donation Erases the “Big Lie”

On Saturday May 21, 2022, the Republican Women of Baltimore County hosted an event titled “Who Is Influencing Our Children’s Education, Our Elections and Our Legislation?” Three of the five invited guests accepted our invitation to discuss ‘International and Non-governmental Influencers’ on our legislative process, our children’s education and our elections. This is the second article of a three-part series, addressing each category of the presentation separately.

The left is screaming from the roof tops about the “Big Lie”. Typically, what the left is blaming the right for is to cover for their own misdeeds. The term the “Big Lie” refers to accusations from the right that the 2020 election was stolen. Every day, the mainstream media dutifully launches into the “Big Lie” and dictates to its viewers that the 2020 election was clean and perfect.

Let’s look at the “Big Lie” from the lens of our speaker Diane Butler at the May 21, 2022, Republican Women of Baltimore County meeting. Ms. Butler works for the Maryland Board of Elections in Howard County. It is through her experience with the “election process” that she sees the dismantling of our Constitution and our Nation.

According to Mrs. Butler, the 2020 elections were impossible to secure due to the mail-in-voting process. Mail-in-voting was quickly put into place under the cover of “COVID Safety Protocols”. Under the guise of philanthropy, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook to “donated” $400 million dollars to the non-profit Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL). CTCL used the “donation” to contact 2,500 election officials offering “grant money” to hire staff, provide personal protection equipment, deliver mail-in-ballot boxes and mail-in-ballot processing electronic equipment. Overnight changes to the voting process, not only violated voting laws but is solely responsible for the loss of proper “chain of custody” procedures. “Chain of Custody refers to the processes, or paper trail, that documents the transfer of materials from one person (or place) to the next.” Loss of chain of custody means the 2020 elections were not clean, not secure and fraught with fraud.

Furthermore, the infusion of “grant money” (nicknamed “Zuckerbucks”) is illegal and never should have been allowed. The “Big Lie” has been officially erased by this illegal transaction orchestrated by left leaning Mark Zuckerberg.

Here are the numbers:

Center for Tech and Civil Life pre-2020 annual budget $3M

CTCL – 2020 Budget $400M (Zuckerberg “donation”)

Center for Tech and Civil Life contacted 2,500 election officials offering “Grant Money”

“Grant money” to hire staff, personal protection equipment, provide mail-in-ballot boxes and mail-in-ballot election processing equipment

92% of “Grant Money” went to Biden counties

“Bait and Switch” - Mail-in-ballot processing equipment never materialized

New mail-in-voting procedures would normally take 7-13 years to be properly tested and established

Why is Maryland a target for election fraud? It is the Maryland voting process, the lack of photo ID, early voting, mail-in-voting, voting machines open to the internet, antiquated poll books which cannot manage all the new rules and finally the lack of chain of custody. Is this done on purpose? Ask your Maryland State House and Senate representative, does the process below look secure?

What can you do to effect change? Mrs. Butler stated, “Pretend this is your two years in the Service. Sign up for every election voluntary position you can. If we lose this ability to have our votes count, then we lose our country. There will not be another country like the USA for a thousand years. YOU have to go to work!”

Contact the Baltimore County Board of Elections to sign up to be an Election Judge, Closer or Poll Watcher.

Hear Ms. Butler's presentation, starts around the 17 minute mark:

Watch the documentary “Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump”: By Citizens United Productions, exposing Mark Zuckerberg for his role in funding drop-box ballot operations across the country during the 2020 Election.

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