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Wife of J6 Prisoner Chats with RWBC

Louise Baker (RWBC) caught up with Sharon Caldwell, wife of a J6 defendant, after RWBC's fundraiser for Patriot Freedom Project on February 7, 2023. Sharon discussed her husband's charges and the lies the DOJ has utilized to charge a disabled Navy veteran. She explains what the pair actually did that day, which did not involve going into the Capitol building at all. However, that didn't prevent the FBI from swarming their home in the middle of the night with almost twenty agents. The result of the raid landed Tom in prison for more than 50 days, in which he experienced solitary confinement, physical and mental abuse, and denial of life-sustaining prescription medication.

Tom was raised on a farm in rural Virginia before he served more than two decades with the US Navy. He served this country dutifully, retiring to a service-connected injury. Tom and Sharon had hoped to remain on the family farm, but the US DOJ is now threatening that way of life by falsely charging and accusing Tom as an "Oath Keeper." While Tom is out of jail now, he is still facing many legal battles.

To find out more about his case and to support his cause, visit

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