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Federal Informant Warned of Jan. 6 Terrorist Infiltration

A self-described government informant with connections to former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been identified as a social media user who posted warnings that Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists would descend on the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021, posing as supporters of President Donald Trump.

A Twitter user with the account name @JohnHereToHelp made posts on January 4, 2021, saying that agitators were being brought to Washington by bus from Baltimore in order to stir up trouble at the time of Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.

The account claimed that Antifa and BLM agents were being brought in and ordered to “dress like MAGA, blend in and cause trouble.” The user also said that the idea was to place blame on actual Trump supporters, and warned that group to “please be careful.”

The post was picked up by the Intelligence and Counterterrorism Branch of the U.S. Park Police. That office forwarded it to U.S. Capitol Police, the D.C. Metro Police Department, and federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

The Twitter account has since been suspended by the platform. It belonged to Ryan Dark White, who is also known as Jon McGreevey. He has described himself in the media and in court documents as an informant for the Department of Justice regarding federal government corruption.

McGreevey is now running for U.S. Senate from Maryland in the Republican primary set for July 19.

In January 2021, his Twitter account had more than 120,000 followers and the post picked up on by Park Police had been shared more than 6,000 times when it was forwarded to the other federal agencies.

The Park Police officer who shared the tweet noted that several replies indicated to the other agencies that the infiltrators from Antifa and BLM would wear MAGA hats and camo while attempting to blend in with Trump supporters.

The emails from the Park Police officer advising the other agencies were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act case filed in federal court by Judicial Watch.

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