When Parents Have Had Enough, They Mount a Full Push-Back Campaign

Tired of tyranny in your schools? What can you do to effect meaningful change?

On Wednesday evening November 17, a filled to capacity

room full of parents gathered to discuss and become empowered to fight for their rights and freedoms with the local school systems. The meeting featured Gordana Schiffenalli (candidate for Lt. Governor Maryland) and Wayne Markey (Constitutional Lawyer) who offered solutions from different perspectives.

When Gordana Schiffenalli saw that the children could not attend school, but were encouraged to march on behalf of defunding the police she knew something was drastically wrong at the local school board. She took action, elected a new school board and made sure mask and vaccine mandates in the schools would be forever non-existent.

Wayne Markey has worked exclusively on Constitutional issues for over 20 years. However government Constitutional violations over the past year and a half is at unprecedented levels.

The purpose of this blog is to share ACTION items from this meeting.

How to Effect Change in Your Communities

1. Be an informed voter and know your representatives:

· In which Councilmanic district do you live? Who are your representatives?

· In which Legislative district do you live? Who are your representatives?

· In which Congressional district do you live? Who are your representatives?

CALL or WRITE your state Delegate and Senator & Local Representatives

2. Set up a meeting with leaders in positions of power (principals, headmasters, union heads, etc)

3. Contact your delegate about testifying on the floor to show your support