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WATCH: RWBC and PCA J6 Fundraiser

Updated: May 7, 2023

Click here to view the full video of PCA's monthly meeting co-hosted with RWBC on April 4th, 2023. The meeting was a follow-up fundraiser for Patriot Freedom Project to help J6 defendants and their families.

Cynthia Hughes explains her organization, PFP, and an update on some of the families she has visited.

Derrick Evans speaks about his experience of being a J6 political prisoner himself. He details his time in pre-trial detention and solitary confinement, as well as life after being released.

At the 45 minute mark, Jeff from the DC Jail calls to give an inside look on life in pre-trial detention and his thoughts on the political elite that have left the prisoners defenseless.

Donate to Patriot Freedom Project at

Support Derrick Evans' congressional campaign at

Video courtesy of @tnlanglee

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