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The Right Review

By Joanne M. Seward

As noted earlier, when the birth of The Right Review came to be recently, the basic goal is to guide readers to avail themselves of reviews of books that contain questionable and illicit content and then to offer ones as an antidote that convey an opposite message from a Christian and moral standard. The first book that was reviewed was Lawn Boy, by Jonathan Evison, which was a sexually graphic storytelling of a young, adult Mexican male who claims his homosexuality through a series of mishaps, frustrations, and convoluted relationships along his personal journey. Explicit, detailed sexual conversations, and behaviors sprinkled with generous use of the " f " word precludes that an alternative book review would be in good order.

So, up next, is the book A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture in a World of Sexual Immorality by David Platt. He is an American evangelical Baptist pastor at McLean Bible Church living in metro Washington, D. C., married and the father of five children. As an author he has written several books, namely Radical, Something Needs to Change, Before You Vote and the Counter Culture series and others.

In his book A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture in a World of Sexual Immorality his basic premise is that while it is important and noble to take a stand on social issues that exist today of sexual identity confusion, sex slavery, abortion, racism, illegal immigration, homosexuality and transgenderism, etc. it is equally important that the focus really needs to be on God. David Platt exhorts us to " not sit quietly and just watch evolving cultural trends go by and not to subtly shift our views amid changing cultural tides, but to courageously share and show our convictions through what we say and how we live even when these convictions contradict the popular positions of our day." This is his call and plea to "counter culture." Using generous use of passages from the Bible he defines marriage as a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman, sex between a man and a woman not married to each other as adultery, that any sexual activity outside of God's design of marriage is dangerous and that sex between members of the same sex abhorrent. Platt references the Bible where there is not one instance where God advocates or celebrates any other kind of marriage or sexual activity outside of a marriage between a man and a woman. Not one.

His espoused remedy to counter the existing sexual immorality culture of today is for one, pray. The other is courage. The courage to stand upon unshakeable truths as espoused by God in the Bible. To participate in any kind of ministry that helps those with same sex attraction, to proclaim Biblical foundations and truths and not to stay silent. For David Platt it boils down to the 3 P's; Pray, Participate and Proclaim!

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