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The Right Review - As You Grow

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

By Joanne Seward RWBC Literacy Chair

Following the prior book review of Nick and Charlie, a story of questionable content, is the review of the conservative Brave Book series founded by Trent Talbot, a former ophthalmologist and promoted by former child actor, producer, writer, husband and father, Kirk Cameron. This series of books celebrate and is geared to families that hold onto and espouse traditional values. The stories are meant to endow children with strong moral foundations from the age of two all the way up to even eighteen year olds. An age when most have graduated and are ready to lead into the future.

The first book is titled As You Grow written by Kirk Cameron and beautifully illustrated by Juan Moreno. It is an endearing story about a tiny seed, Sky Tree, that is planted and grows into a massive tree. As each page in the book unfolds there are pictures of the tree growing, accommodating itself for many inhabitants and situations with appropriate comments as well. As an example, one of the pages pictures the tree quite large, dense with leaves and is providing cover during a rain storm for its inhabitants such as a squirrel inside its home in the trunk, small houses and balconies for birds, an animal family enjoying a picnic under a bough with the words, a tender word is soft and it gives life like a spring rain. There is a steady progression of growth for the tree in the pages ever increasing in size to the point where the tree is housing a small town! While the growth is steady and joyful there is danger as well. A fierce battle is portrayed between feuding animals of all sorts to depict that sorrow in the world exists as well coupled with the words, as you grow, you will know sorrow. As a result, the trunk of the tree is severely fire damaged accompanied with but brokenness is never the end. The tree and its trunk, later revived, is shown through various seasons of the year ever growing in its massiveness, accommodating itself for others, spreading a message of hope, joy, gentleness and most of all, love to children of all ages and their families as well.

These book series can be ordered through website !

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