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Republican Women of Baltimore County Announces an Expanded Committee and Appointment of Jean Benhoff

The Republican Women of Baltimore County, the largest republican women’s group in the state of Maryland, announced the appointment of Jean Benhoff as Chairman of the newly expanded Voter Registration/Election Integrity Committee. Ms. Benhoff, who joined the RWBC board in 2021, has risen quickly within the organization. First as the Fundraising Committee Chair to this newly expanded committee with added responsibilities.

“It has been a great honor to have served as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee,” said Benhoff. “I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments over the past year. We have offered 5 fundraising events coordinating with the RWBC membership and included other clubs in our efforts. We’ve built a reputation of offering high quality events that are not only greatly appreciated by the membership but an excellent fundraising opportunity for the club.

My new committee chair position will offer many challenges and new opportunities. I look forward to building out this expanded committee for RWBC.”

Jean Benhoff has years of organizational experience working within governmental organizations, from human resources, account management to program and project management. Ms. Benhoff has an MBA from Loyola University, studied Project Management at Towson University and a BS in Business Administration from University of Baltimore.

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