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Winner, Winner Republican Women of Baltimore County Recognized for Achievement and Excellence!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) has won the Greatest Number of Members - 2022 Award from the Maryland Federation of Republican Women. This award is a milestone for RWBC as it not only represents the most members compared to all other Maryland State Republican Women chapters, but also historically marks the highest number of members for the Baltimore County Club.

The Republican Women of Baltimore County has been in existence since 1964 when a determined group of Republican women set forth to change Baltimore County in the aftermath of the historic Goldwater Presidential Campaign. At the first organizational meeting in early 1965, about 20 women, including Ellen Sauerbrey established the club. By 1968 the club had grown to 45 members and was very active in Richard Nixon’s campaign for president. Members such as Helen Delich Bentley began to take prominent positions in public service and party leadership at that time, followed by Ellen Sauerbrey, Martha Klima, Helen Chamberlain and others. In more recent years, Susan Aumann and Kathy Szeliga have served in the House of Delegates. Each election cycle sees RWBC members running for elected public office or vigorously supporting them and others. Our strong history of growing and supporting future leaders continues with 12 members running for office in 2022!

In the past RWBC has won both statewide and national awards through the Maryland Federation of Republican Women as well as the National Federation of Republican Women. A strong team of dedicated volunteers has grown the club to its current membership through Social Media and Media Coordinator Karen Tully, Ellen Sauerbrey Membership Chair, Linda Eminzer Website Management and specialized committees for Education and Election Integrity. Each volunteer works hard to meet the club’s goals:

This award was presented to RWBC at the Fall Convention for the Maryland Federation of Republican Women on November 12, 2022. Current president, Jolie McShane accepted the award on behalf of the members of the club. “A special thank you to the previous President Dee Hodges who has provided tremendous support in guiding the club in its current trajectory and past president Kathryn Jerrard who continues to lead the club in many capacities. The club would not be in existence to this day if not for the overall guidance of Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey” said RWBC President Jolie McShane. The club will experience continued expansion and more members as the 2024 election cycle ramps up.

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