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Obscene Library Materials Violate State Laws, Baltimore County Public Schools Unresponsive

In January 2022, RWBC alerted Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) Division of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Mary McComas, regarding the book Gender Queer as pornographic and inappropriate material and needed to be removed from the school library shelves. Republican Women of Baltimore County has issued a second letter concerning the book, Lawn Boy. This book is easily classified as obscene material and should be immediately removed from all public schools. Baltimore County Public School’s response to these charges have been ignored! Why?

Nationwide there has been growing concern regarding sexualization of our children in public schools. Library books and curriculum discussed below exemplifies this trend. Released in May 2022, the Maryland’s Health Education curriculum outlines inappropriate gender identification training for young children pre-K to third grade. It is through this type of curriculum that books like Gender Queer and Lawn Boy have seeped into our school's libraries.

Dr. McComas responded on February 11, 2022, that the Baltimore County community was to submit Form 6002. The community followed the submittal “rule” by sending over 100 requests to Baltimore County Schools to remove the book Gender Queer. As of November 2022, no response has been received from BCPS. According to the Rules of BCPS those who submitted Form 6002 were to be informed of a decision within 30 days. BCPS is eight months late in their response to the Baltimore County Community.

The second letter issued November 19, 2022 requested the book Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison also be removed from all BCPS school library shelves. The below passages from Lawn Boy are not only inappropriate but in violation of Maryland Code § 11-203. Sale or display of obscene item to minor. The Maryland law clearly states below that “a person may not willfully or knowingly display or exhibit to a minor an item which is principally made of an obscene description or depiction of illicit sex”.

“(b) Prohibited. --

(1) A person may not willfully or knowingly display or exhibit to a minor an item:

(i) the cover or content of which is principally made up of an obscene description or depiction of illicit sex; or

(ii) that consists of an obscene picture of a nude or partially nude figure.

(2) A person may not willfully or knowingly engage in the business of displaying, exhibiting, selling, showing, advertising for sale, or distributing to a minor an item:

(i) the cover or content of which is principally made up of an obscene description or depiction of illicit sex; or sexual conduct."

The Baltimore County School Board and the Library Media Programs Coordinator, Amanda Lanza, approved this book for distribution and according to Maryland Law will be subject to fines and imprisonment.

“(c) Penalty. -- A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to:

(1) for a first violation, imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding $ 1,000 or both; and

(2) for each subsequent violation, imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or a fine not exceeding $ 5,000 or both.”

Lawn Boy is 317 pages long and contains the word f**k on one third of the pages for a total of 101 times. Who thinks this is appropriate for school age children? We found a total of 18 sexually inappropriate passages that clearly violate Maryland’s Law regarding the distribution of Obscene Materials. Samples of the sexually explicit and inappropriate passages are located here at the RWBC website.

The letter was co-signed by The Patriot Club of America, President Jeffry McDonough, and Baltimore County Citizens requesting immediate removal of these books (and similar books with Obscene Sexual Content) from the Baltimore County Public Schools by December 1, 2022.

Want to take immediate action? Call Baltimore County Public Schools and state your opinion 443.809.4554 or contact any of the carbon copied Baltimore County and State Stakeholders below.

cc: Baltimore County Pubic School Board

Amanda Lanza – BCPS Library Media Programs Coordinator

Baltimore County States Attorney – Scott Schellenberger

Baltimore County Council Members

Baltimore County Sheriff – R. Jay Fisher

Baltimore County Executive – Johnny Olszewski

Maryland State Board of Education

Baltimore County Parent and Student Coalition

Baltimore Sun Papers

Editor County Chronical - Michael Ruby

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