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Pornography in Baltimore County Public Schools
should be a concern for all parents.

Below is a letter from the Baltimore County Public Schools in response to RWBC's letter sent on January 15, 2022 requesting the removal of "Gender Queer" from our public school libraries.  If you attended the February 19th General Meeting, you had the opportunity to fill out Form 6002 to be mailed to the Baltimore County Board of Education.  If you missed the meeting, please download Form 6002 here.  This is a very important step RWBC is taking to have action by the Baltimore County Board of Education to remove pornography from our public schools.   The January 15th letter from RWBC is posted below.

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Letter from the January 15, 2022 RWBC General Meeting to the Baltimore County Board of Education

RWBC is sending the following letter to the Baltimore County Board of Education in opposition to pornographic books found in school libraries.  The letter was signed by many RWBC members and the attached page from the book "Gender Queer" shows

the explicit material included in this book.

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Sexually graphic scene from the book Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe on page 167

As appeared in the February 2022 issue of the Villager

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Below are links to the policy and rule, as well as the form available for public to use should there be a question or concern about instructional material;

Board Policy 6002 --$file/POL6002-090914_Finalized.pdf

Superintendent’s Rule 6002 --$file/RULE%206002-090914_Finalized.pdf

Citizen’s Review of Instructional Materials Form --$file/RULE%206002-Form%20A-090914_Finalized.pdf

Richard Rothchild talks about Critical Race Theory

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Critical Race Theory by Richard Rothschild

RWBC hosted Richard Rothschild on January 15, 2022 to discuss Critical Race Theory,

also referred to by Social and Emotional Learning.