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NY Gov. Kathy Hochul - worse than Cuomo?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo may be gone, but his replacement, Gov. Kathy Hochul, appears to be trying to be almost as bad from a policy perspective.
They are going all-in trying to impose vaccine mandates on state workers. School staff and state healthcare workers have to provide proof that they have at least one vaccine jab by Monday. As we reported yesterday, the school staffers got a reprieve from a federal appeals court putting temporary restraining order on the mandate, with a three-judge panel’s final decision probably this week.
But not only is New York trying to force the vaccine on people — firing them if they don’t comply — they are going the extra mile to punish you if you don’t, as well.
Hochul has announced that if you are fired for not getting vaccinated, you would not be able to get unemployment insurance. And she announced that just two days before the deadline, so if you thought that you could buck their edict and then have unemployment, you’re going to be out of luck. The only way out of it is if you get a “valid, doctor-approved request for medical accommodation,” according to the Daily Mail.
That means, effectively, either you take the jab or you’re out of work with no money at all.
Now, I would question if she can legally do that, and I imagine that people will be questioning that.
But, it shows that this is all about control.

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